Thomas Vranken – Life as a Front-End Engineer 

5 March 2024
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Say hi! Tell us who you are and what you do. 

My name is Thomas Vranken and I’m a front-end software engineer at Twipe. Before securing a full-time position, I spent six months as a student tester, and even before that, I did a six-week internship here during the summer of 2021. So it’s been quite the journey! 

What drew you to Twipe? And why did you decide to join Twipe after completing your internship?  

I first learnt about Twipe through a friend from my orchestra who recommended I check it out. That summer, I did a six-week internship. I really liked the atmosphere, the people, and the technical challenges! It was completely different from the smaller school projects I was used to. And the feedback and collaboration here focused on building and improving, which I really valued.  

Toward the end of my internship, I was encouraged to apply for a junior front-end position. Despite still being a student, Twipe accommodated me by first hiring me as a student tester while I completed my degree.  

Can you share a project that you’ve worked on?  

I found leading the development of the voucher feature particularly rewarding. This feature enables publishers to generate coupons for complimentary webapp access. The role demanded extensive collaboration with stakeholders to fulfill functional requirements and proactive issue resolution. I enjoyed the practical application of strategic thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication all in one project.  

Can you share a challenge you’ve faced while working at Twipe?  

One of the more significant challenges I faced was temporarily stepping into a coordination role. The experience, while enriching, made it clear that my strengths and preferences lie in the technical realm rather than in management (at least for now). This realisation helped me focus on where I want to direct my career in the future. 

How has Twipe contributed to your personal or professional development?  

Working at Twipe has profoundly influenced both my personal and professional development. I’ve discovered a passion for tinkering, breaking things apart, and then finding solutions to fix them – skills I’ve applied to personal projects outside of work as well!  

Professionally, I’ve found that I have a knack for understanding and navigating multiple codebases and identifying their intricacies and potential weaknesses. This was a skill I hadn’t realised I had before joining Twipe.  

There are also so many things to learn. I never run out of “aha!” moments. I find there is room for widening your horizon if you want it. To help you get there, we have one-to-one coaching with your Head Of as well as an active front-end chapter, where we discuss new practices and find ways to reduce common frictions.  

How would you describe Twipe’s company culture?  

Twipe’s culture is something truly special. One of the first things newcomers notice (or at least I did!) is our food culture. It’s almost a rite of passage to marvel at the amount of food that gets brough in here for celebrations, birthdays, or just for the sake of it! Working alongside so many people from abroad also makes the kitchen table more vibrant as we enjoy sharing food, traditions, and stories from wherever we’re from. 

But beyond the delightful culinary experiences, what really defines our culture is the sense of community. Even during my internship and time as a student tester, I got to know almost everyone by their first name – something I don’t think you enjoy as much in larger companies.  

We also try to hang out outside of work, whether through concerts or “car-aoke” nights. Of course, you’re never forced to do it. It’s completely up to you. 

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Twipe? 

I was initially a bit scared about applying to Twipe because they sounded like a very ambitious company. But what I’ve discovered over the months and years working here is that, while we’re ambitious, we still have a human heart. We care about each other a lot. I think this is an important detail that not every company has. 

For those just graduating and unsure of their next steps, I highly recommend applying for the Young Graduate Programme. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore different teams and find your passion.  

Also, become good at kicker. Trust me, it will come in handy. 

Interested in joining Twipe? Join us in shaping the future of news.

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