A Dynamic Workplace in a Fast Growing News Media Scale-Up

Discover the stories of Twipees and learn more about Twipe as an employer through their lenses. If you are the entrepreneurial type and looking for a dynamic workplace or wish to be part of a news media tech scale-up, here you will find the stories of people similar to you…and who knows…maybe your future colleagues.

Pieter-Jan Poppeliers – Summer 2023 intern

Pieter joined Twipe for our 2023 Summer Internship programme. Hear about his experiences in our Customer Delivery team.

Bram Hamaekers and Laurens Vandevyvere – Summer 2023 interns

Bram and Laurens joined Twipe for our 2023 Summer Internship programme. Hear about their experiences in our API and Customer Success teams.

Thomas Mertens – Data & AI Intern

Thomas joined our Data & AI team for an internship in January 2023. Learn about Thomas’s experience and why he had a great experience at Twipe.

Dries de Kort and Kobe Jacobs – Backend and Customer Success Interns

Dries and Kobe joined Twipe for our 2022 Summer Internship programme. Hear about their experiences in our Backend and Customer Success teams.

Anton Lintermans and Vincent De Boulle – Frontend Interns

Anton and Vincent joined Twipe as part of our Summer Internship programme in 2022. Hear about their experience in our Frontend team.

Quentin Stroobants and Tristan Toye – Data & AI Interns

Quentin and Tristan joined Twipe as part of our Summer Internship programme in 2022. Hear about their experience in our Data & AI team.

Robin Demuynck – Business Analyst

Robin joined Twipe in November 2020. Learn about his crucial customer-facing role as a Business Analyst in our Customer Success Team.

Jan van Thillo – Agile Product Delivery Lead

Jan joined Twipe in March 2021. Read more about his experiences and projects from his first year as an Agile Product Delivery Lead in the Product Team.

Matt Lynes – Content Marketing Lead

Matt joined Twipe in March 2021 as part of the Business Development team. Find out more about his rollercoaster first year in this Life at Twipe article.

Hanne Scheers – Young Graduate Software Engineering

Hanne joined Twipe as part of our 2020 Young Graduate Programme. Read more about her experience and the projects she has worked on, including as part of the JAMES team.

Bruno Alva – Business Development Intern

Bruno joined Twipe for an internship during the first half of 2022. Learn about his experience and his time in the Business Development team.

Thomas Vranken – Summer Intern

Thomas joined Twipe for a 6 weeks internship during summer 2021. Read more about his experience and the projects he has worked on in this memoir.

Riccardo Fredro – Young Graduate Business Development

Riccardo joined Twipe as part of our 2019 Young Graduate cohort. Read more about how he learnt and developed as part of the Business Development team.

Linde Nouwen – Twipe Apps Team Summer Intern

Linde joined Twipe for a summer internship in 2021. Read more about why her experience was an internship like no other.

Stijn Janssens – Young Graduate Software Engineering

Stijn joined Twipe as a Young Graduate in Software Engineering in 2018. Read more about Stijn’s experience and why it has been a great place to grow.

Kyle Bringmans – JAMES Summer Intern

Kyle took part in Twipe’s 6 week summer internship. Find out what Kyle got up to in the JAMES team.

Tom Bury – Young Graduate Programme Software Engineering

Tom joined Twipe in 2019 a part of the Young Graduate Programme. Hear about his experience including playing a part in building the next generation of Twipe’s apps.

Twipe’s Test Engineers – Not your average student job

At Twipe, we love to give young talent the space to thrive and develop. So, what is life like as one of our Student Test Engineers? Hear from 2 of our recent test engineers.

Willem Cossey – Software Engineering Intern

Willem joined Twipe as a Summer Intern in Software Engineering in 2020. Find our why he is proud to be a Twipee.

Lorinde Knoops – Why my experience at Twipe exceeded my expectations

Lorinde joined Twipe as a Business Development Intern in 2019. In her internship. Lorinde played a crucial role in the organisation of our 2019 Digital Growth Summit.

Engage Readers Heatmap

Gilles Gruwez – Artificial Intelligence Intern at Twipe

As part of our Summer 2019 Internship programme, Gilles worked as part of our EngageReaders and AI team. Read more abput his experience.

Chandler Alberda – Twipe Summer Intern in Business Development 2019

Chandler joined the Twipe Summer Internship Programme at the end of her study abroad period. Learn about her experiences and more.

Twipe and HackYourFuture collaborate during Open Summer of Code

At Twipe, we loved to get involved with the outside community. Read about our journey with HackYourFuture during the Open Summer of Code.

Team Learning at Twipe in 2019

Team Learning is at the heart of our collaborative approach at Twipe. Our team learning events are crucial each year to boost morale and promote innovation and growth.

Twipe Team Adventure 2019

Moving Mountains is at the heart of our aim to build the future of news. What better way to learn how to move mountains than to climb one?

Team Learning at Twipe 2018

For our 2018 team learning session, the Twipe team spent 2 days at De Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren in Geetbets. This enabled us to think about the bigger picture, both on a company and personal level.

Life at Twipe in 2018

At Twipe, we like to work hard and play hard. In 2018, not only did we have a great professional year, but as a company, we thrived as a team, heading to Austria to ski and experiencing VIP life at Tomorrowland!