A Dynamic Workplace in a Fast Growing News Media Scale-Up

Discover the stories of Twipees and learn more about Twipe as an employer through their lenses. If you are the entrepreneurial type and looking for a dynamic workplace or wish to be part of a news media tech scale-up, here you will find the stories of people similar to you…and who knows…maybe your future colleagues.

Thomas Vranken – Life as a Front-End Engineer

Read Thomas’ story from summer intern to front-end software engineer. He shares what he’s learnt about himself through working on challenging projects and the warmth of the Twipe community.

Maurizio Pedriale – Life as Twipe’s Chief Operating Officer

Maurizio joined Twipe in 2023 as our first ever Chief Operating Officer. He dives into to what he’s working on, the challenges he’s faced, and what makes Twipe’s company culture unique.

Daniel Serafim – Life as a Young Graduate in Software Engineering

Daniel joined Twipe in 2023 as a Young Grad Business Engineer. He shares his insights on what it’s like to work across different teams within the company.

Ioana Frincu & Kobe Jacobs – Life as Young Grad Business Engineers

Kobe and Ioana joined Twipe in 2023 as Young Grads Business Engineers. Learn what projects they’ve taken ownership of.

Asia Rostek – Life as a Young Graduate in Software Engineering

Asia joined the team as a Young Graduate in Software Engineering in 2023. Read about her experience!

Pieter-Jan Poppeliers – Summer 2023 intern

Pieter joined Twipe for our 2023 Summer Internship programme. Hear about his experiences in our Customer Delivery team.

Bram Hamaekers and Laurens Vandevyvere – Summer 2023 interns

Bram and Laurens joined Twipe for our 2023 Summer Internship programme. Hear about their experiences in our API and Customer Success teams.

Thomas Mertens – Data & AI Intern

Thomas joined our Data & AI team for an internship in January 2023. Learn about Thomas’s experience and why he had a great experience at Twipe.

Robin Demuynck – Business Analyst

Robin joined Twipe in November 2020. Learn about his crucial customer-facing role as a Business Analyst in our Customer Success Team.

Jan van Thillo – Agile Product Delivery Lead

Jan joined Twipe in March 2021. Read more about his experiences and projects from his first year as an Agile Product Delivery Lead in the Product Team.