Twipe releases new digital magazine

Trends in Digital Publishing

These are challenging times for newspaper publishers. The traditional print business is under increasing pressure. In the meantime publishers need to grow their digital subscription base, engage with their readers, compete with new digital formats and efficiently publish new content. Digital publishing is a brand new profession. Twipe has been engaging the last 5 years with newspapers around the world in a variety of digital publishing implementations. Twipe wants to share its extensive experience and show new & fresh insights, trends and case studies in a new free digital magazine ‘Trends in Digital Publishing’.

Innovate or Die ?

The focus in the first edition of Trends in Digital Publishing is on the strategic issue ‘Innovate or Die?’
We provide concrete answers to help understand our readers the disruptive forces in the newspaper industry, and the actions of leading innovators.

Some of the topics in the December edition:

Big Data and Newspapers

Interview with Nicolas Beauchesne, Managing Director at Fifty-Five

New Publishing Formats

Case Studies NRCQ and dS Avond

Media Strategy

Thomas Baekdal about disruption in the newspaper industry





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