De Standaard launches dS Avond, digital-only evening edition on Twipe Digital Publishing platform

dS Avond - 29 april 2013De Standaard launches today dS Avond, a digital-only evening edition. dS Avond appears daily at 17h. It brings the news of the day, in an easy-to-consume and very visual format. dS Avond is built on the NextGen HTML5 template publishing solution of Twipe. For this launch a new, rich-media Template Family as well as a new output channel (Web App) has been added to the Twipe platform.

dS Avond, the digital evening edition of De Standaard

dS Evening picks up where the newspaper in the morning stops. A dedicated team of editors is responsible for their own journalistic approach. All articles and news stories are exclusively written for dS Avond and are not drawn out or resumed on the site or in the newspaper. dS Avond is made for readers who after a busy day want to relax while swiping through a fresh look on the news of the day, explains Karel Verhoeven, editor-in-chief of De Standaard.

The digital evening edition will be available to all print and digital subscribers of De Standaard. It will be available free of charge until May 22nd 2013.

New Template Family, combining text, audio, video and infographics

Using the Twipe Digital Publishing solution has allowed us to come up with a very innovative app. By using new NextGen templates we have been able to create this innovative micro-publication in a very short time period. The templates are very visual, combining text, images, audio and videos. They offer both a linear and non-linear reading experience,” says Johan Mortelmans, Digital Manager at De Standaard.

NextGen Web App, a new output channel of the Twipe Digital Publishing solution

dS Avond is implemented on the latest version of the NextGen template based publishing solution of Twipe. With this implementation we have added the NextGen Web App, a new output channel to the Twipe Digital Publishing solution. This has allowed De Standaard to easily integrate their digital only publication within their newssite, adds Danny Lein, Founder and CEO of Twipe.

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