Digital Publishing Suite for newspapers

Twipe transforms your content into a great reading experience on mobile devices and web browsers. Our innovative SaaS solution combines award-winning front-end apps with industrial workflow systems offering unmatched productivity.

Nextgen publishing

Go for Digital Growth with the Twipe NextGen. Publishing.

Do you want to move beyond your current Replica app for your newspaper? Are you keen to launch a new digital only daily publication?

Twipe NextGen. Publishing. is an affordable digital publishing solution that helps you publish easy-to-read content. Twipe NextGen. Publishing. is the engine behind your digital growth.

Beautiful template-based publications

Twipe NextGen. Publishing. takes your content, puts it in a set of templates optimized for reading on tablets and mobile devices. The templates are easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate, and specially designed to give your digital subscribers the best reading experience.

Cross-platform digital publishing

The NextGen publications are made in state-of-the-art HTML5 technology. They are available for reading in NextGen Content Viewers embedded in iOS and Android apps on tablets and smartphones, as well as in web browsers.

Efficient, industrial publishing and content distribution processes

The Twipe. Tools. allows for minimum time in preparing the publication and ensures quick ROI through efficient workflow.
The Twipe NextGen. Publishing. Platform is designed for maximum scalability and reliability. We deliver 1,5 million digital newspapers every month.
Twipe takes care of all complex aspects of digital publishing on all mobile platforms such as content distribution or app version management. You only focus on the most important thing: creating top-notch content.

Gettting started is easy.

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