Digital Publishing Suite for newspapers

Twipe transforms your content into a great reading experience on mobile devices and web browsers. Our innovative SaaS solution combines award-winning front-end apps with industrial workflow systems offering unmatched productivity.


The best reading experience on mobile for your PDF Replica ePaper

Bring your ePaper to the next level. The Twipe Tablet apps are available for iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets. Twipe has developed the first iPad Replica ePaper app back in 2010. Since then, we have constantly improved the user experience in terms of downloading and reading the newspaper on the iPad and other tablets.

Discover the revolutionary new Twipe Web App Touch to deliver your ePaper easily to anybody. This new cutting-edge technology gives your readers the same reading experience in their mobile browser as in a native App; fully touch-enabled and no download needed. Optimized for all the touching and swiping you do.

Telegramme tablet

Replica Publishing App Key Features

  • Homescreen
    • Newspaper headlines
    • Newspaper front page
  • Newspaper archive
    • 30 past issues
  • Replica Viewer
    • Tactile reading experience (slow & fast swipe)
    • 1-page and 2-page view
    • Landscape and Portrait orientation
    • 500% zoom (pinch, double tap)
    • Fast navigation (categories, page thumbs)
    • Retina screen quality
  • Article Lightbox (tap to read article detail)
    • Column newspaper layout
    • Picture galleries
    • Rich content
  • Access & Monetization
    • Newspaper subscriptions (login & verification)
    • iTunes subscriptions
    • In-app purchases
    • Free credits to stimulate usage
  • Advertising
    • Splash page
    • Interactive full-page Interstitials
    • HTML5 ads
  • Live news integration
    • 1 RSS Channel
  • Content enrichment
    • Extra picture galleries
    • Extra video streams
    • Extra links to webcontent
    • Extra links to HTML5 Infographics
  • Regional editions
    • Multiple regional editions possible
    • User profiling and regional preferences
  • Commercial or editorial supplements
  • Push notifications
  • Offline reading
  • Progressive download
  • Universal app(tablet + smartphone in 1 app)
  • Newsstand integration(only available on iOS)
    • Kiosk
    • Background download

Available on Web, iOS and Android phone, and tablet.

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