New auto-renewable price tiers and free trial subscription for Newsstand apps in Europe

Apple announced interesting news for digital publishers. Auto renewable subscriptions are limited to fixed prices. The cheapest subscription costs 0,79 euro, followed by 1,59 euro and 2,39 euro. Starting now, there are two new prices for Newsstand Apps with auto-renewable subscriptions: 0,99 euro and 1,99 euro.



Because of this change, the gap between the subscription prices in Newsstand will get smaller. While the lowest purchase price used to be almost half of the second lowest, publishers now get more room to decide their products value. This means that publishers have more options to attract new customers with catchy prices.

As another treat, Apple decided that publishers can now offer a free trial subscription to Newsstand Apps in iTunes connect. Once the free trial offer expires, the subscription will renew automatically. Customers will not be charged for the subscription until the free trial period ends. Trials help people over the edge. They can like the idea of an app, but they will not know how good it is, until they used it themselves.

Apple introduced in-app subscriptions in February of 2011. Many content publishers now use Newsstand to distribute subscription-based magazines and newspapers to users via the convenience of billing through the iTunes Store.