Newspaper Multiplatform Usage Study: Key Findings

The NAA (Newspaper Association America) conducted a research on cross-platform publishing: Newspaper Multiplatform Usage. Twipe summarizes their key findings.

Why do consumers read newspapers on different platforms?

Print newspapers offer a satisfying and relaxing reading experience. Furthermore it is an easy way to receive a complete news report, along with useful advertising that readers notice and seek out.

Computer newspapers make it easy to search and filter your news according to your needs. It is also easy to share stories and to stay informed on different locations. Finally it is an easy way to get a complete news report and has a satisfying reading experience.

Smartphones are less satisfying because of screen limitations, but portability makes them extremely convenient to use, especially while multitasking. Smartphones make it easy to share stories or to use the search function.

Tablets combine the great user experience of print, the portability of smartphones and the search and sharing functionality of computers.

This is summarized in the table below:

NAA Platform Benefits Summary

The importance of Advertisement

According to another study of the NAA “How America Shops and Spends” it appears that 59% of the Smartphone users and 61% of the Tablet users respond to mobile advertisements.

NAA past 30 day response to newspaper mobile ads

Not in this table, but also interesting to know is that one-third of newspaper digital platform users (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) do find the advertisement “really annoying”. This is three times the number saying the same for print newspaper advertising.

If your advertisers would want to improve their digital ads, the following chart lists the elements people do find attractive in digital ads.

NAA digital ad elements that attract attention

Demographics of Newspaper Platform Users

What about the Demographics of Newspaper Platform Users? It appears that 26% and 12% of the readers already use their Smartphone or Tablet to read the news. Notice that men and women almost equally use these new types of digital news consumptions. Where smartphones are most popular with the twentysomething the news consumption age distribution for Tablet users is almost equal to Print News consumers.

NAA demographics of newspaper platform users

Bearing in mind that the research was conducted beginning 2012, we believe the percentages of Smartphone and Tablet users dramatically increased in one year, knowing the estimated increase in shipments for Smartphones 2012 was set to 32.8% year-over-year and 77% for Tablets.

NewspaperContent Regularly Read

Different platforms appear to require different news content. Notice the importance of a nice weather page and the request for puzzle games on Tablets & Smartphones. A staggering 74% of Smartphone users and 66% of tablet users will be reading the weather forecasts in their newspaper. With all the weather apps available in the different App Stores, we think this is surprisingly high, but something that cannot be neglected.

NAA weekdays newspaper content regularly read platform