Create higher conversion rates with promotional advertising on tablets

Wehkamp, a Dutch e -Commerce company, aligned his promotional advertisements on tablet usage.

Tablets are mostly used during the evening, and therefore also while watching television. This starts from 6 pm and ends by 10 pm. This makes it interesting to mention the possibility to get extra information on your tablet in TV advertisements. 10 procent of Wehkamp’s visitors accesses their e-store by using a tablet. They claim to have a higher conversion rate than with mobile visitors. With 1.7 million tablets in The Netherlands, it is important to optimize their website for tablets. They avoid flash and make sure the website responds well in landscape and portrait mode.

This increase in tablet usage caused a better availability of customer support during evenings. This trend started with the growth of social media. People who complain don’t want to wait until the next morning.

Mobile phones are responsible for 2% of their total traffic. These visitors are mostly men. Women dominate the desktop usage with 72%. The average mobile buyer is 26 years old, the desktop user is 10 years older.