1-year of ChatGPT, habit formation guide, Defector’s annual report and a brief history of independent publishing: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome back to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest!

This week, you can find articles that explore ChatGPT’s anniversary (and weekend announcements!), our complete guide to habit formation, Defector’s insightful annual report and a brief history of independent publishing.

Here are our top stories:

1. Ethics, AI, and the Future of News: Reflections on ChatGPT’s Anniversary 

In the span of a year, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has gone from being a tech buzzword to one used in everyday speech, even becoming Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year. Its meteoric rise in the public’s consciousness reflects more than just a trend—it marks the start of a shift in how companies operate.

Read more as we reflect on 1 year of ChatGPT.

2. The Complete Guide to Habit Formation for News Publishers

Read our complete guide to habit formation for news publishers to find out how habits can turn a sporadic visitor into a dedicated, paying subscriber. Explore insights and case studies from the news industry in our guide that covers both essential and advanced topics, from the theory behind habit formation to useful strategies for publishers to benefit from creating habit-focused products.

Read the complete guide here.

3. Subscriber-first, worker-owned and operated media company – Defector releases third annual report

Defector has around 40,000 subscribers and say they will continue to publish their yearly report until “the structures and dynamics of a business like ours (i.e., a subscription-first, worker-owned and -operated media company) feel so conventional as to be boring to our subscribers, interested media parties, and ourselves.”

Read the full report from Defector here.

4. An in-depth look at how independent publishing has changed from the 1990s until today

Thomas Baekdal explores the key differences in approach and challenges between the way in which independent publishers worked 30 years ago compared to today. From the days of wacky websites, the rise of advertising, the covid years and the flooding of the marketplace, Baekdal explores it all.

Read the full article from Thomas Baekdal here.

The announcement capped a tumultuous weekend for OpenAI, after Mr. Altman made a push to reclaim his job as C.E.O. of the artificial intelligence company. OpenAI said that Altman will not be returning to his former job.

Read the full story with The New York Times.

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