5 Tips for a Successful Large-scale ePaper Migration, Channel 1 AI News and Ezra’s Wayfinder Report: Twipe’s Weekly Digest

5 Tips for a Successful Large-scale ePaper Migration

In the latest Twipe webinar, Gregor Zoller of SWMH shared his experience leading a large-scale ePaper migration to Twipe’s platform. Gregor highlighted the importance of strategic planning and communication with readers. Zoller’s insights highlight the importance of a well-executed migration strategy and are indispensable for publishers contemplating similar digital transitions.

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Channel 1 AI News

Discover the potential impact of AI-generated news on viewer perception, and the ethical and practical questions it raises about the future of news reporting and consumption.

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Ezra Eemans’ Wayfinder Report: Navigating AI Trends 

Ezra Eeman’s Wayfinder Report offers an insightful compass to navigate the evolving landscape of AI in the media industry. If you want an overview of the trends that defined this year, download it!

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Axel Springer, OpenAI Strike “Real-Time News” Deal for ChatGPT

Axel Springer and OpenAI are collaborating to combine AI with journalism for real-time news access. This partnership involves major publishers like Bild, Welt, Politico, and Business Insider to provide quality news content through ChatGPT.

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How Post News is Building a Social Platform for Quality Journalism

The Fix interviews CEO Noam Bardin about Post News, a social media platform for quality journalism. Post differentiates itself with a micropayment system, allowing users to support premium news providers. 

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