Ad Hackathon Day 1 – Brainstorm and Kickoff

The first day of the Ad Hackathon is almost over, or not… The teams can stay all night to continue working on their ideas, although it has to be said that this is probably unlikely to happen.

We started off with a brainstorm session. As Lasse Chor, our Hackathon Evangelist also known as the ‘Happiest Man Alive’, stated that more important to jump into developing is defining your ideas and its scope.

The brainstorm resulted in 4 topics. As we do not want to spoil any of the innovations yet, we only share the name of the teams…

  • Location Based Invitation
  • Ad Validator
  • Mega Selfie
  • Beacon Hunter

After a delicious lunch we started coding and preparing our pitches. At 5 PM Lasse invited us to visit the racetrack on the roof of the NH Hotel were the Hackathon is taking place.

In this picture (from left to right): Ruud Boydens – Software Developer, Yannick Meel – Sr. Software Developer, Ruben Gees – Team Lead Marketing & Sales, Wouter Goossens – Software Developer and Anthony De Smet – Project Manager.

We’re now ready for lunch and a night of coding or, discover the city with our new friends.

Stay tuned for more Ad hackathon updates or join the conversation on Twitter, #Adhackathon !


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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