Ad Hackathon Day 2 – And the winner is…

Olga presenting the Ad Validator at the Ad Hackathon 2014

Ad Validator! But what is it all about? The idea from Ad Validator is to track if a user interacts with a brand or buys a product from an ad they saw in a digital newspaper. This information would be shared with the advertiser so they get a better idea of the concrete impact of their advertisement campaign.

The second place went to ‘News Trail’ (Beacon Hunter), a team supported by Wouter and Ruud from Twipe! The goal of News Trail is to activate everyone in a specific country to track down an iBeacon. An iBeacon is a small device that is able to send out bleutooth signals up to 70m. They developed an iPhone app that is able to track down this device. Furthermore it was able to receive ‘Hints’ that could be shared by the publisher on a daily basis to reactivate your readers. If you are the lucky one to find the iBeacon, you can win a sponsored price, which is a nice way for an advertiser to generate a lot of visibility.

Crout, ‘The Crowd finally Shout’, is an app developed to use during big sport or music events. The crowd can make a selfie and write a short review of the event. The selfies are than used to create a Mega Selfie from all the participants of the event. The advertiser can than connect its brand to the event and generates visibility by watermarking the Mega Selfie with their brand. The content written by the users is sent to the newsroom so journalists can write an article on the event. You can see all the selfies on

Location Based Invitation is a location based advertisement initiative. The case study presented at the Ad Hackathon covered the story of a person who wants to rent or buy a house in a specific place. If you pas by an appartement that matches your needs you then receive a message to visit the place. The focus here is to make advertisements more usefull to the end-user.

So four great ideas were thought through during this event, and makes everyone a winner. Twipe is really happy they were able to participate in this event.

See you next year?

Olga presenting the Ad Validator at the Ad Hackathon 2014


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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