How we organise for ongoing customer success and business development in tough times

16 March 2020
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At Twipe, we take the global outbreak of the coronavirus seriously and have introduced measures to help slow down the spreading of the virus. It is our top priority to keep our team safe and enable our customers to bring their valuable journalism to readers. Our teams will continue to work with the same dedication to guarantee high quality service delivery and speedy resolution of any new requirements that the current context may bring.

Our customers’ peace of mind is our priority and in this post we share 5 practices we are using to ensure business continuity for our current and future customers and to keep our community healthy, safe and productive.

1. Available for business as usual

We are well equipped and trained to work in virtual environments and keep high levels of productivity. For this reason, all our activities are continuing as usual and we are available for meetings, calls, email and Slack conversations every day as normal.

2. Video On

In this digital era, we are spoiled with a large choice of tools for remote calls like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or WhatsApp. To ensure effective communication and get closer to the feeling of a face-to-face meeting we have made it a company-wide policy to always have meetings with video both internally and externally.

3. Daily Stand-Ups

Every team at Twipe has already embraced the SCRUM methodology for years now, which includes short stand-ups meetings every morning to align on business priorities and share the daily agenda. It is crucial to keep this habit in remote work and some of our teams are even reinforcing it with a second alignment call in the afternoon. 

4. Keeping high cleaning and safety standards

Despite the emergency caused by COVID-19, some of our colleagues still need to be present in the office on some days. Even before receiving government instructions, we have adopted some safety protocols such as a 2-meters minimum distance between desks and limits to meeting sizes. Furthermore, we have increased the already high standard of cleanliness in our offices, adding extra cleaning sessions of common spaces, door handles and test devices.

5. Virtual coffees

Our office in Leuven is not only the place where we go to work, but also an environment in which we build relationships and share our private life with our colleagues. Isolation might be one of the main threats that home-working brings to productivity as many people get energy from their usual working environments and colleagues. This is why at Twipe we are encouraging new rituals like Virtual Coffees or Remote Friday Evening Beer that are scheduled with one or more of our colleagues.


We hope these five practices we took for the Coronavirus emergency will help maintain the engaging work environment that we love at Twipe in our new remote environments. Our support team remains available as always to receive any requests and ensure that our clients are able to respond quickly to any change in circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to

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