Luxemburger Wort joins the Twipe platform with new Digital Paper

We are proud to announce today that Luxembuger Wort has partnered with Twipe to distribute and monetise the digital version of the newspaper. This week, they officially launched new Replica + NextGen apps on iOS, Android and Web.

LuxWort Digital Paper

The Replica ePaper

The Replica edition is a 1:1 digital version of the print edition of the Luxemburger Wort published on Twipe’s Replica platform. This is the classic format many readers love, enriched with Article Views and beautiful Image Galleries.

Luxemburger e-Paper

Mobile optimised NextGen edition

The Replica format is combined by Luxemburger Wort with Twipe’s innovative NextGen platform. This gives users the option to read the edition in a format optimised for smartphones and tablets. Our design makes it very easy to toggle between the two reading formats.


In both the Replica and NextGen editions, navigating the edition is made easy through the bottom navigation bar or through category selection in the upper menu.

Lux-Wort_NextGen Front

The WebApp

The Luxemburger Wort can be read by downloading the iOS and Android Apps or directly in the WebApp via


We are delighted to welcome Luxemburger Wort among our business partners and are looking forward to our joint journey of innovation.

You can read more on Luxemburger Wort website (in German).

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Tom Mann
Business Development, Events, Marketing

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