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App usage, Apple News and 1 billion in digital publishing revenue: 5 stories which got our attention last week

To help you navigate the magnitude of content on offer written about the publishing industry, we select 5 articles each week which caught our eye. Reach out with any suggestions or comments. 1. Mobile users and now spending 4-5 hours per day in apps Mobile is the number one news consumption device according to Reuters[…]

What is the long term potential of Web3 for news publishers?

The merging of the physical and virtual dimensions of human interaction may feel like a future concept, but more and more publishers are getting their hands dirty with the new “realities” of Web3 and Metaverse. In an article-series dedicated to Future Technologies, we dive into what Web3 can mean for publishers. Stay tuned for next[…]

Cookies, news theft, Meta and more: 5 articles which caught our eyes last week

To help you navigate the magnitude of content on offer written about the publishing industry, we have selected 5 articles which caught our eye of the past week. Feel free to reach out with any suggestions or comments. 1. Google delays when Chrome will phase out third-party cookies to 2024 Publishers have begun preparing for[…]

Digital users in Europe are up 100 million from 2019. How can publishers capitalise on this?

Across the world, we’ve seen exponential digital growth. McKinsey’s latest report on digital reported a net gain of 100 million digital users across Europe since 2019. That’s a whopping 13% of the total population of Europe! Today, we examine the state of digital within publishing and look at how publishers can improve their digital offering.   High frequency of digital users[…]

Wie Publisher Instagram am effektivsten nutzen können

In den sozialen Medien sichtbar zu sein und dort auf die eigene Marke aufmerksam zu machen gehört mittlerweile zur Strategie beinahe aller Publisher. Besonders um die Generation Z zu erreichen sind diese Plattform notwendig geworden und ein erster Schritt, um diese von der Qualität der eigenen Arbeit zu überzeugen.  Besonders wichtig ist für Verleger deshalb[…]

Digital Growth Summit 2022: Let’s shape the Future of News together

The Twipe Digital Growth Summit is an exclusive and interactive event that brings together publishers from all across Europe and the US to shape the news world of tomorrow. This year’s Digital Growth Summit will take place on October 19th in London and will face the big question of how publishers can respond to the[…]

Digital Growth Summit 2022: Gemeinsam die Nachrichtenwelt von Morgen gestalten

Der Twipe Digital Growth Summit ist ein exklusives und interaktives Event zu welchem Publisher aus ganz Europa zusammenkommen, um gemeinsam die Nachrichtenwelt von morgen zu gestalten. Dieses Jahr findet der DGS am 19. Oktober in London statt und stellt sich der großen Frage wie Publisher auf die ständigen Veränderungen innerhalb der digitalen Welt reagieren können[…]

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