ePapers continue to rise in popularity

Based on a recent report from www.die-zeitungen.de, ePaper editions continue to see rising volumes. For our German readers, you can find the full report here.

Here are our top 5 take aways from the German report:

  • In Q3 2019, German ePaper circulation has increased by 17.42% compared with Q3 2018.
  • Digital editions now make up over 10% of the total circulation of newspapers.
  • The proportion of digital subscriptions are also increasing, up 20.3%.
  • More than half of the ePapers part of a subscription.
  • 58% of daily sold ePapers are for local or regional titles.
  • Weekly titles have grown particularly strongly, with rates over 25%.

This is great news for German publishers who are investing in ePaper technology.

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Tom Mann
Business Development, Events, Marketing

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