Het Belang van Limburg releases NextGen Tablet & Web Apps

1 April 2014
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Today Het Belang van Limburg, one of the leading regional newspapers in Belgium, is published for the first time as a tablet optimised newspaper using the NextGen Digital Publishing Suite of Twipe. With this launch, the newspaper gradually wants to evolve from its Replica or e-paper digital format, towards a new way of publishing easy-to-read publications, adapted to the mobile devices. To enable a quick time-to-market, the Popular & Sports Template Family has been customised to fit the branding and look-and-feel of this newspaper.

Tablet edition of ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ is a key driver of digital growth

Het Belang van Limburg Video

Het Belang van Limburg is the leading newspaper in Limburg, a province in Flanders, Belgium. The newspaper has a print circulation of almost 100.000 issues reaching more than 387.200 readers or about 45% of the population of Limburg. Almost 17.000 people read on a daily basis the digital newspaper of Het Belang van Limburg on tablets, smartphones or web. “Everyone knows that the future of the newspaper is undoubtedly digital. We want to grow our digital audience by giving our readers the best digital newspaper” says Ivo Vandekerckhove, Editor-in-Chief of Het Belang van Limburg.

Het Belang van Limburg: moving beyond Replica to NextGen Digital Publishing

Het Belang van Limburg on tablet has been developed with the Twipe NextGen Digital Publishing Suite. Every day a publication is prepared with more than 20 different intelligent templates from the Popular & Sports Template family. “With the addition of Het Belang van Limburg on our NextGen Digital Publishing Suite, we have demonstrated our unique ability to combine a great reading experience with a very efficient and industry-grade production process,” explains Danny Lein, Founder and CEO of Twipe.

Discover for free

The new app of Het Belang van Limburg is available on iPad and Android Tablet. The next three weeks you can read the newspaper for free. You can download the apps here:

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