iPad Pro, Apple Watch, Apple TV and IOS 9 – a great challenge for developers

15 September 2015
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Apple Keynote Sept 2015 Hey SiriOn September 9th Apple has presented its second keynote of the year introducing the latest developments of their products. We were expecting major changes to IOS, Apple TV, Apple Watch and iPad, as well as a brand new iPhone. The rumors proved to be right once again and the news couldn’t have been better. We have prepared for you a list of the major and most important announcements of the keynote:

Apple Watch

Seen as a life changing device, the Apple Watch has an amazing 97% user satisfaction rate and already sums more than 10.000 apps in its App Store. This has inspired and pushed Apple to release a new operating system: Watch OS 2. Among many other features, the new Watch OS will include third-party , possibility to add transit to maps or time travels. Moreover, the apps will have video capability and granted access to other hardware components like the microphone.

iPadSmart Keyboard

5 years after the revolutionary announcement of the iPad 1, Apple comes now with “the biggest news in iPad since the iPad”: The unveiling of an iPad Pro. It has a huge 12.9-inch display with a Retina screen that has the astonishing resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels, which is a total of 5.6 million pixels. That means there are more pixels in this iPad than in a 15″ Macbook Pro Retina.

The screen however, is not the only new feature on this huge iPad. The iPad Pro features an A9X chip, Apple’s 3rd generation 64-bit chip with 2GB of memory and faster flash storage. Still, it has 10 hours of battery life. The new iPad comes with a front and rear camera, four speakers, split screen and the option to buy a cellular model with LTE.

Apple has created an entirely new way to interact with the device: the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil not only detects touch, but also position and force. It can calculate its angle and orientation when held and can be charged directly through the Lightning port of the iPad. Next to the Apple Pencil, you can also buy a Smart Keyboard. The Smart Keyboard is integrated in your iPad cover.Apple TV

Apple TV

The new Apple TV comes with a new design, a brand new OS and a remote control. The Siri Remote is a revolutionary control with a built in touch surface. It permits its user to interact with the Apple TV in a brand new way, giving a new and fresh user experience to a television. Now you can talk with Siri to take multiple actions: start, pause or stop a movie, search through your movies and tv-shows and even launch a third party application.

Through apps, Apple TV gives you access to the most riveting entertainment content. Apps like Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes have full catalogs of hit movies and TV shows. HBO NOW and SHOWTIME bring you Hollywood blockbusters and bingeworthy original series. You’ll also find breaking news and weather. Fun stuff just for kids. Educational programming, music concerts, and more.

The new remote also features a gyroscope, accelerometer, Bluetooth and infrared connection. All these characteristics make it the perfect controller for games that you can play on the Apple TV. With this, Apple is getting extremely serious about video games.

iPhoneiPhone 6s

Apple finally introduced a brand new iPhone model: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Even though these look just the same with their predecessors, there are a lot of changes under the hood. It comes with an extra color, Rose Gold, and with a new technology called 3D Touch, which captures and understands precise differences of touch over the screen of the iPhone.

The new iPhones also come with a faster Touch ID, 12 MP iSight rear camera and Live Photos. The latter one works by taking a few extra frames of photos before and after you snap a photo, so that each of your photos has snippets of live action. Although already seen on Android devices, some news websites claim Apple’s solution is definitely the better one.

Apple is providing APIs for third-party developers to play with these new features like Live Photos, 3D Touch or Apple Pencil. We are looking forward to see the creativity of our developers and to discover new, revolutionary apps.

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