L’Équipe: Adapting to the Digital Age and Mobile Apps

In the Technologies Shaping the Future of News series preceding the Digital Growth Summit on September 26th we have so far touched on user centric design, AI, mobile applications, TikTok, multi-channel publishing and more. Today we dive into mobile with a case that is very close to our hearts: sports newspaper L’Equipe. Emmanuel Alix, CDO at L’Équipe in France will be joining as one of the speakers at the Summit.  

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The French sports publisher

L’Équipe is a French sports publisher founded in 1946. It is known for its daily newspaper L’Équipe, which covers sports news and events in France and around the world. In addition to the newspaper, L’Équipe also operates a mobile app, a sports news website and produces several television programs. The company is owned by the Amaury Group and has a significant presence in the French sports media landscape. 

L’Équipe’s transition to the digital age is not simply about adopting new platforms; it’s about amplifying the strengths of each medium. Their commitment to in-depth analyses and commentaries, and captivating sports photography remains unchanged, whether in print or digital format. The L’Équipe mobile app allows subscribers to read the daily digital newspaper in stunning high quality on their phone, tablet or on the web. 

L’Équipe’s branding

L’Équipe holds significant brand value, particularly within the context of French sports journalism and culture. It is the most recognized and respected sports newspapers in France, with a rich history dating back to 1946. Its brand value extends beyond sports coverage, as it is deeply intertwined with the nation’s sporting identity, major events, and the overall media landscape. The newspaper’s iconic logo, its vibrant red kiosks, and its commitment to providing comprehensive and insightful sports content have contributed to its strong brand recognition. 

As far as metrics go, a ranking of sports newspapers in France by Statista, measured by website visitors shows a clear dominance held by L’Équipe. Implementing a digital growth strategy evidently proved to be fruitful in contributing to L’Équipe’s market presence. 

The importance of mobile

Mobile has become pivotal in the news industry, transforming how news is accessed and engaged with. Mobile devices offer instant access to news, which helps to accommodate users’ busy schedules. And one of the key features of mobile apps is allowing for personalized content delivery that tailors the news to users’ preferences and in the process, enhances user engagement. In addition, multimedia elements provide comprehensive information, while social sharing fosters discussion and sense of community. Mobile also drives revenue through strategies such as in-app subscriptions and targeted advertising.  

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An example of how mobile is inseparable in today’s growth, Berlingske Media– a Danish national daily and one of the oldest newspapers still in circulation today, plans to go all-digital in 2023. Their strategy refers to really understanding the readers, focusing on mobile, and utilizing data. 

Digitalize or die

Berlingske Media

L’Équipe’s mobile strategy

The L’Équipe mobile app stands as a testament to the publication’s commitment to delivering top-notch sports coverage in a format that resonates with the modern reader. With a user-friendly interface and a host of features, the app serves as a portable sports companion, offering: 

  • Live commentary; 
  • Real-time updates; 
  • Social interactions; 
  • Insightful analyses; 
  • Global accessibility; 
  • Multimedia content; 
  • Personalized experiences; 
  • Comprehensive coverages.

“To ensure our sustainability, we must modernize”, Cyril Linette, former CEO of L’Équipe once said back in 2018. According to him, print is still good, but in order to maintain the publisher’s relevancy in today’s age, they must “resist on paper and accelerate on digital”. 

Currently, both their web app and mobile app, aside from the usual sports news coverage articles, they also offer ‘Explore’ and ‘Live’. 


Explore is the pillar that will help to attract more subscribers, who will have access to all original content, whatever the formula chosen. It offers reports, documentaries, surveys, long formats and podcasts, for example hundreds of original audio or video content around sport designed for digital. 


Live on the other hand, aims to develop the L’Équipe’s digital audience and its advertising revenue (with display and pre-roll). They plan to position it as the ‘largest live sports offer accessible to all’. It offers 35 sports, including 25 Olympic sports, and some competitions exclusively available on the platform. 

It is worth noting that they recently took the decision to switch to a new model whereby users must create an account to access anything in the app. The benefit of being a subscriber is seeing less advertisements during time spent on the web or mobile app.  

This innovation has allowed L’Équipe to expand its reach beyond physical boundaries, connecting with readers worldwide and fostering a sense of belonging in a digital community.

We at Twipe are very proud to be a partner of L’Équipe, and collaborate together to form this mobile app. It harmoniously blends L’Équipe’s sports journalism legacy with Twipe’s technological innovation, resulting in a user-friendly app. Its intuitive design and seamless functionality were crafted with user experience at the forefront, ensuring that readers could access the richness of L’Équipe’s sports coverage with ease. This partnership demonstrates how traditional media can leverage technological advancements to enhance its reach, relevance, and impact. 

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