June 21, 2022

Life at Twipe as a Business Analyst – Robin Demuynck

After graduating in Business Economics with an additional Masters (but more importantly, interest) in information technology, I started my first full-time job experience at Twipe… and what an exciting experience it has been so far.

I was specifically looking for a smaller company, where things move fast, you get responsibilities and there is a real feeling of togetherness and striving for success as a team. These are the elements that drive me in life and made me an excellent match with the young and innovative scale-up Twipe in my hometown of Leuven.

In my first year at Twipe, I was able to assist my colleagues in the Customer Success Team with rolling out new apps for customers from far and wide like Advance Local (our first US customer) and Mediahuis (a Belgian publisher with titles like De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad and Gazet van Antwerpen). The fun thing about being a Customer Success Manager is the diversity of the job. No day is the same, with diversity in the role including tasks such as the testing of apps, the  development of new features, the communication with clients and overall project management including planning mostly are all part of our daily work.

I am in contact with every part of the company and it’s a pleasure to work with people from many different backgrounds. I have learned a lot during my first year and now after more than 1.5 years, I still learn new things every day.

After my first year, I got the opportunity to take the lead in the rollout of a new big customer: the British newspaper The Daily Mail. This has been a challenging and exciting project. At the time of writing of this article, we are just celebrating the launch of the new app 🎉.

The amount of responsibility and trust you get after just 1 year of working at Twipe is remarkable. It truly pays off, particularly when you take a chance to reflect on your own personal growth. The growth on a wider level have also been sky rocketing. This includes in our team size, number of customers and users of our apps! This of course brings some growing pains as we are heavily scaling up our processes and team, but this is an exciting challenge for a company in its 11th year of existence and one we will overcome.

The best thing however about Twipe, is the people. Everyone does their work with high quality and will always help you when you need it – the 5-step hiring process does pay off! Deadlines are often tight which results in extra efforts needed to reach them, but Twipees are always there to support each other – especially as we all want to reach our yearly goals to make us go to Tomorrowland. The company vibe is incredible. Yes, kicker during lunchbreak, drinks on Friday evenings, a dedicated channel for memes and partying at Tomorrowland definitely do fit my lifestyle 😊.

Now that Covid is gone, you will always find me at the office around all these nice people. Unless I want to work from Spain of course, then teleworking will do the job!

If you want to join me in the Customer Success Team, take a look at our latest openings or feel free to contact me anytime!

Interested to join? Together we can shape the future of news and revolutionise the way people consume content. Join Twipe today and be part of the journey towards making a lasting impact on the news media landscape!

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