My experience as a Twipee – Tom Bury, Young Software Engineering Graduate

5 July 2023
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My journey with Twipe started in 2019. During the first year in my masters, I wanted to get an understanding of what developing software in a real business was like. With only having (mostly theoretical) experiences that I gained at university, I didn’t feel ready to begin my career after 2 years. Naturally, I started looking for an internship to do over the summer. I met some Twipees at VTK’s internhip fair and was immediately impressed by them. They were only at the beginning of their careers, but they clearly had already gained a lot of experience, not just on technical levels but workplace experience too. I was convinced that I would benefit a lot from an internship at Twipe and after going through multiple interviews I was glad to be accepted! Those six weeks over the summer passed by very quickly and gave me the experiences that I was looking for at that time.

When my studies were coming to an end, I found myself looking for a job with some clear restrictions. I wanted to work in a rather small company, I wanted to learn everyday & learn by doing and I wanted to have an impact and work in an agile way. Because of my internship, I knew that Twipe were able to meet those demands. I therefore applied for their Young Graduate program, knowing that it would also enable me to discover and work in fields of Computer Science that I had never experienced before.

My first year work anniversary of working at Twipe is soon to be reached, and I can look back upon a great year! The year consisted of building on Twipe’s Next Generation of their digitial edition mobile application platform. Since I started in a relatively new team on the project, we all had to learn a lot before we were able to reach our full potential for the project; but that’s what’s been so great about this journey. We didn’t have an all-knowing guru to teach us the ways, but we did have a great growth mindset to learn, improve and help each other everyday.

I remember expressing some interest in the CI/CD pipeline of the applications, as to me, it seemed a bit like magic and I wanted to know how it worked. This was met with a response along the lines of “Great, now you’ll be the owner of this track!”. Initially I was a bit fearful, since I had no experience in the field and I knew that I would now be sought after if any vague build errors happened. In the end, I couldn’t be more glad that I expressed my interests and got to investigate, learn, fail, succeed and grow along the way.

Even though 2021 has been a tumultuous year for everyone, I’m very happy that I could spend it alongside my colleagues. I wasn’t looking forward to starting my career mostly working from home becaused I worried that a lot of the fun that naturally occurs from working in a smaller, young company would disappear. This was however not the case, as we still found ways to have fun while working together and ensured that everyone got to know each other. There were many virtual coffee breaks, end of week beers and other events like quizzes, a cocktail workshop or games. Even though I didn’t see many colleagues in person during the year, I still had the great feeling of being part of the Twipe family.

In September, the second year of my Young Graduate track will begin, and I’ll soon switch over to a new project. I’m excited to move away from my comfort zone of frontend development, into the unknowns of another branch of Computer Science. I know that it won’t be easy to start with, but I know that I’ll still enjoy every minute of it because I’ll be learning and growing together with some great colleagues.

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