Navigating the AI Dust Storm, news subscriptions burdening young people, Postmedia-Nordstar Merger: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

3 July 2023
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Welcome to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest! This week, we take a look at stories from across the world of publishing and news tech including future proofing the newsroom with AI, Mediahuis’ use of generative AI, and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. Navigating the AI Dust Storm: The Impact of Generative AI and AI plugins on News Media

In our final instalment of the Navigating the AI Dust Storm series, we focus on the impact that Generative AI has had and will continue to have on News Media and how players in the industry have adapted to and adopted the technology including GPT-4 plugins.

To read the full article, click here.

2. How Mediahuis is easing generative AI into its newsrooms

Continuing to innovate, Mediahuis, with titles through Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Germany, has looked to involve generative AI in its production. Using a “Newscondenser” sort of technology, the publisher hopes to incorporate generated bullet points, summations, and headlines for journalists to utilise in their crafting of stories. Learn about the ethical questions involved and how the organisation is looking to introduce and scale this product.

To read the full article by Press Gazette, click here.

3. Why news subscriptions feel like a burden to young people

Following from an in depth research stud conducted in Norway, researchers look to understand from a qualitative perspective what stands in the way of young people’s willingness to subscribe to news. Articulating the reasons that young people seem to undervalue the subscription experience, this article provides valuable insights into the mechanics behind this phenomenon.

To read the full article from Nieman Labs, click here.

4. What you need to know about the potential Postmedia-Nordstar merger

In understanding the state of news media in Canada, it is important to pay attentino to one of the bigger stories. The potential merger between Postmedia and Nordstar, the parent company of The Toronto Star, could have far reaching implications and could change the landscape of the country’s media industry.

To better understand the state of play, click here.

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5. How to future-proof your newsroom with AI

Looking beyond simply how to implement the new technology within the newsroom, focuses in on some of the finer points of the implications of the innovation. Specifically the article looks primarily at the problems of intellectual property, improving user experience, and the premium on trust.

To read the full article, click here.

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