What the end of newsstand sales will mean for publishers

2019 saw more than a handful of retailers stop selling newspapers, including Aldi in the UK and Starbucks in the US. Even airlines are getting into the game, with Air New Zealand removing print newspapers from its lounges for “sustainability” reasons. As print newspapers slowly leave the public sphere, what does this mean for the[…]

The importance of registration walls for subscription journeys

Recently we have seen more and more publishers adding a new step to their subscription journeys: the registration wall. Instead of simply showing a paywall to readers after a certain number of stories, some publishers have decided to ask for their readers’ email addresses earlier in the process. A better understanding of readers leads to[…]

The News Publisher's Guide to TikTok

While TikTok was first launched internationally in 2017, for many news publishers this is still an unexplored platform. Of the handful of traditional print publishers on TikTok, most are still in an experimental phase, trying to understand what content works best. We have dug into this question and prepared a guide for publishers interested in[…]

2020 – The Year of the Edition

Last week, the Reuters Institute called for the “revival of editions” in 2020. In our recent conversations with publishers, we have also started to see signs of a shift towards reinvesting in edition products. That’s why we believe 2020 will be the year of the edition. Understanding what exactly an edition is in the digital[…]

Learnings from this year's Reuters predictions

Every year the Reuters Institute surveys news media leaders on what they will be focusing on for the next year. This year’s report is full of valuable insights and is definitely well worth a read. We have identified the top trends publishers will need to account for in their 2020 strategies. Reader revenues reign supreme More and[…]

Nieman Lab's predictions for 2020: our top picks

Every year Nieman Lab asks leading media innovators what they think is coming in the new year. We’ve read through all these predictions and highlighted a few key predictions that publishers will need to keep in mind in 2020. Find the full list of predictions here. Reader UX standards set by tech giants This should[…]

Learnings from 2019’s best news industry conferences

As you work on your plans for 2020, we have gathered our top learnings from this year’s industry events (and key working areas for us at Twipe) to help inform your strategy.  #1. Growing subscriptions at #DigtalSubsParis (March, Paris) Matthew Skibinski, consultant from the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, confirmed the importance of emails and registered users for likelihood to subscribe, and he[…]

Why publishers are creating vertical subscription products

This year Reuters found that 52% of media executives will focus more on reader revenues, and we expect this to grow more in 2020. Publishers can either focus on how to better convert and retain subscribers for their main news product or add additional revenue streams. Recently we are seeing more and more news organisations experiment with[…]

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