Platform boredom, revenue generation and media freedom: 5 must-read articles from last week

This week’s Twipe Weekly Publishing News Digest takes a look at stories from across the world of publishing, touching on topics like platform boredom, revenue generation, media freedom legislation in Europe and more. Read our top 5 stories of the week below.

1. How platforms turn boring

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me the coming and going of platforms feels as cyclical as the seasons. For me, Facebook now acts as a pure messaging platform, Snapchat is long deleted whilst Vine and YikYak feel prehistoric. Whilst these platforms tend to launch with much uproar, how do they turn boring? Russell Brandom from The Verge shines a light on the problem of “the bootleg ratio” causing these platforms to turn south.

Find out more here.

2. What comes next for subscriptions

Subscriptions rightfully became the holy grail of sustainable income for news publishers, but as the well starts to dry up, what’s next? The ever insightful Brian Morrissey explores the next phase of the shift to reader revenue and how publishers can consolidate the gains of their subscriber base.

Read his full insights here.

3. 5 revenue generation lessons from the Future of Media Technology Conference

Peak publishing event season is upon us, and for our latest event, I headed to London for Press Gazette‘s Future of Media Technology Conference. From a day full of panels and presentations, I picked out 5 lessons on revenue generation across publishing platforms to take back to your teams. Whilst I’m here, it would be remiss of me to forget to mention the latest edition of our Digital Growth Summit taking place on in London (and online) on 19th October. Join us as we look at the future of emerging technology for news publishers like Web3, AI, NFTs and more.

Check out our 5 revenue generation lessons.

4. Here are 5 ways for media publishers to prepare for Web 3.0

Talking of Web3 and emerging technologies, INMA‘s Paula Felps provided a comprehensive overview of INMA‘s latest webinar with Juan Señor of Innovation Media Consulting. With the webinar taking viewers on a whirlwind tour of the future, Paula Felps provided 5 takeaway tips to help publishers prepare for Web 3.0

Find them here.

5. European Media Freedom Act Proposal: Concerns EU could meddle with publishers’ business operations

With good intentions at its heart, the EU Recently release their proposal for the European Media Freedom Act. The legislation aims to stem the spread of fake news and bring the benefits of free press to all nations across Europe, however concerns have been rife across the publishing industry. WNIP report on the response from the European Publishers Council to the legislative proposal.

You can check out their response here.


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