Predictions for 2023, AI alternative reality and top stories from 2022: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Twipe Weekly News Digest! From all of us at Twipe we wish you a healthy and prosperous year ahead. Talking of the year ahead, this week’s Twipe Weekly News Digest focuses on several predictions for 2023, as well as our top stories from 2022 and more.

1. Our most read stories of 2022

Each week, our team produces a weekly blog post examining a hot topic in the future of news. From our series of articles from 2022, we have provided a selection of our top 10 read stories of 2022 featuring everything from Gen Z to the Metaverse.

Visit our full list here.

2. Wayfinder Review/Preview Trends Report 2022/23

Mediahuis‘ Change Director Ezra Eeman is always ahead of the curve when it comes to trend spotting and journalism, and his Wayfinder Review/Preview Trends Report for 2022/23 is testament to that. Following a sneak peak of the report at the Digital Growth Summit in October, the full report was released in the last week of December and is jam packed with high quality content. The report even comes with its own reading guide!

Find the full copy of the Wayfinder Review/Preview Trends Report 2022/23 here.

3. Nieman Lab Predictions for Journalism 2023

New Year inspiration is never fully complete until a read through Nieman Lab’s Predictions for the year ahead. Their 2023 predictions feature over 50 leading figures from across the news publishing industry with their own hot takes for the year ahead. Stay tuned to our blog this Thursday where we will present some of our favourite predictions. For the full set of predictions, head to Nieman Lab’s website here.

4. Belgian Newspaper De Morgen Uses AI to Create Dream World Cup Final

Whilst ChatGPT may have dominated the AI airwaves in the closing weeks of 2022, other exciting AI projects came to fruition. Belgian newspaper De Morgen leveraged the power of AI to create their own Dream World Cup Final. The project saw De Morgen team up with mortierbrigade and photographer Hadrien Hanse to present an alternate reality which saw a World Cup final full of minorities and migrant workers.

Check out the full story here.

5. 18 global news industry leaders share their tips for success in 2023

In our final batch of foresights for 2023, Press Gazette have spoken to 18 global news industry leaders about their tips for success in 2023. The list of industry leaders, including The Telegraph CEO Nick Hugh and Washington Post Head of Audience Strategy and Growth Erika Allen, provide some fascinating insights, with the predictions also broken down into 4 key areas.

Find the full predictions on Press Gazette here.


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