How German publishers are successfully converting subscribers from print to digital

Germany continues to be a leader in digital news consumption. In their latest report launched this week, BDZV and Schickler revealed that 75% of publishers are pursuing strategies to convert print subscribers to the ePaper whilst 93% of publishers see the importance of ePapers as having grown compared to previous years. We dive into the numbers[…]

EngageReaders heatmap

Why leveraging the ePaper can be vital in defining the new role of print

America’s top 25 titles have lost 30% of their print sales in 2 years. In a new article in the ePaper in the spotlight series we explore how ePaper can become a strategic tool in the process of transitioning to a digital first strategy and defining the new role of print. 1. The potential reach[…]

8 Gründe, warum Sie jetzt in Ihre E-Paper Strategie investieren sollten

Lesen, wo und wann man will. Das ist dank des E-Papers möglich geworden und die digitale Zeitung erfreut sich seit Jahren immer größerer Beliebtheit. Die Corona Pandemie hat diesen Aufschwung nun noch weiter befeuert.  Zeitungsleser im deutschsprachigen Raum greifen immer mehr zu der digitalen Ausgabe ihrer Zeitung und das aus den verschiedensten Gründen. In einer[…]

Die Entwicklung der Nutzung von E-Papern in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Guest Article from Rieke Preuss Die regionalen Zeitungen digital zu lesen wird immer beliebter in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Immer mehr Menschen entscheiden sich dazu ein Abonnement abzuschließen. Ein Vergleich zwischen dem dritten Quartal von 2020 und dem dritten Quartal von 2021. Fast ausnahmslos alle Regionalzeitungen in Nordrhein-Westfalen schafften es ihren Verkauf von E-Papers im Vergleich zum Vorjahr[…]

The strategic role of ePapers being leveraged across the world

In a world where we are seeing the process of digitalisation tearing through society and people show greater awareness to the problems facing the planet, the ePaper has become a strategic solution for publishers. Throughout the pandemic, ePaper consumption grew worldwide. This is a trend that has continued. 60.6% of publishers told our survey that[…]

3 learnings from talking editions with Poynter and AJC

This week, we had the pleasure to host an inspiring panel discussion with Rick Edmonds from Poynter and Bala Sundaramoorthy from Atlanta Journal Constitution. The webinar was part of our Future of News webinar series and tackled the Habit Forming Role of Digital Editions. For those who missed Tuesday’s live session, we have highlighted 3[…]

Editions: The journalism product that has been driving habits for over 400 years

At Twipe, we often talk about the importance of habit formation in growing subscribers and retention. Habit formation is fundamental in building recurring behaviour and traits that lead to actions being adopted to parts of a daily routine. In publishing, there are several ways of building habits amongst readers. One such way is through the[…]

ePaper subscriptions in Germany grow by 24%

**This article was originally published in German by on 28th April** Digital newspapers continue to grow in popularity. Not only is the circulation growing, but e-paper subscriptions are also growing at an above-average rate of 24.3 percent. The e-paper circulation of German newspapers increased by 18.34 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2021 compared to[…]

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