3 Faktoren, die die Zahlungsbereitschaft steigern

Paid Content ist für Lokalzeitungen im Laufe der letzten Jahre eine der wichtigsten Bausteine geworden, um mit ihrem Journalismus weiterhin Geld zu verdienen. Um auf ihre Inhalte aufmerksam zu machen nutzen Zeitungen vermehrt Plattformen wie Facebook, Instagram und TikTok. Die Annahme, dass auf sozialen Medien in erster Linie kostenloser Content publiziert wird wurde durch eine[…]

What the end of newsstand sales will mean for publishers

2019 saw more than a handful of retailers stop selling newspapers, including Aldi in the UK and Starbucks in the US. Even airlines are getting into the game, with Air New Zealand removing print newspapers from its lounges for “sustainability” reasons. As print newspapers slowly leave the public sphere, what does this mean for the[…]

The importance of registration walls for subscription journeys

Recently we have seen more and more publishers adding a new step to their subscription journeys: the registration wall. Instead of simply showing a paywall to readers after a certain number of stories, some publishers have decided to ask for their readers’ email addresses earlier in the process. A better understanding of readers leads to[…]

Are you developing your paywall strategy for acquisition or retention?

We know that more and more publishers are focusing on reader revenue strategies this year (52% of news executives state subscriptions will be their main revenue focus in 2019). That means paywall strategies are often being rethought, from The New York Times ending the incognito loophole with its paywall or Neue Zürcher Zeitung tweaking its[…]

First signs of a subscription model for podcasts

In the second article for our “Business of Audio” series, we are taking a look at the changing business model for podcasts. Following in the footsteps of many publishers who are focusing on a “pivot to paid” this year, some podcasts are also offering subscriber-only, or early access, to podcasts. We examine this shift, the[…]

What you can learn from The Times, Mittmedia, and Le Monde

It’s something all publishers are grappling with: how to best optimize your paywall strategy? After all, 47% of new subscribers report that running out of free articles prompted them to subscribe. This week we have lessons from three innovative publishers: The Times & The Sunday Times, Mittmedia, and Le Monde. (Hear the leaders of these[…]

What your paywall strategy is missing

With ad revenue falling year after year and adblock usage on the rise, many publishers are returning to direct reader revenue strategies. One of the first steps in growing digital subscribers is setting up a paywall. But the paywalls of yesterday are no longer successful, from The New York Times initially offering 20 stories per[…]

3 insights for generating reader revenue

Newspapers are starting to realise it is engagement, not reach, that will help them survive in the digital age. To succeed, newspapers must monetise the engagement of their most loyal readers, whether that is through direct subscriptions, memberships, or something entirely different. A new report from the AP’s Ryan Nakashima and Anne Cai looks at how[…]

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