Twipe-building @Efteling

“Work hard, have fun, make history!”

Yes! This is what they say (Jeffrey Preston – the founder of if you are having fun while working hard, you get to make history and change the world.

Here, at Twipe, we have a great team which is already making history. The history of Digital Publishing, the history of the office and the personal history of each of us. And all this is only possible thanks to the monumental work of our awesome people. We have a small secret too: we never forget to have fun!

Therefore, last month we decided to bring the fun-at-work to another level and we drove to the Netherlands. Destination: Efteling, the largest theme park in the country and one of the oldest in the world.

It was a full day, with a lot of fun and heart beats, great food and plenty of challenges and competition. Being divided into smaller teams, we had to compete against the others. In order to win, we had to transport water in small plastic cups, answer questions about fairies and mystical creatures and make a beautiful portrait of our neighbor, all while riding different-sized roller-coasters.

With the Apple Watch in the roller-coasters 

We have to admit, it wasn’t as easy as it might sound. Especially when some of us had to overcome one of their biggest fear: being in a roller-coaster.

Our Marketing & Communications Executive, Andreea, was one of them and even though she loves  extreme sports, she cannot stand roller-coasters. Because she was eager to try our latest acquisition, the Apple Watch, we decided to do a small experiment: to keep track of her heart beats during the entire day and see how that goes. Here it is, a small summary of the day:

  • We tried 3 roller-coasters, 1 water-coaster, 1 bumper-boat, 1 carousel, 1 Tilt-A-Whirl, 1 Tow-Boat-Ride and of course the bravest ones tried the roller-coaster a couple of times more
  • We walked through the Fairy Tales Forest
  • We watch the amazing show in the Raveleijn city
  • We had a great traditional-dutch lunch and a medieval dinner
  • We walked more than 15.000 steps in just one day – that is almost 12km
  • Our heart rates went up-an-down just like a roller-coaster. You can clearly tell when Andreea was in the coaster and when she was back on Earth. 🙂
It was a great Twipe-building and we are really looking forward to the next fun-challenge. In the meantime, we wish you lots of fun while at work and continue to make history!

Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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