Using games to increase subscribers, TikTok’s unfavourable landscape for news, how subscription bundles appeal to readers’ cravings: Twipe’s Weekly News Digest

Welcome to Twipe’s Weekly News Digest! This week, we delve into games and puzzles as drivers for reader engagement, TikTok’s unfavourable landscape for news, how subscription bundles appeal to readers’ cravings and more. Here are our top 5 stories of the week.

1. How can publishers use games and puzzles to increase subscribers?

Publishers incorporate games and puzzles into their content to increase engagement and retain subscribers. This approach provides a mental break from heavy news and fosters habitual engagement among readers. The gamification of news consumption includes options like classic crosswords, digital games, and quizzes, and publishers like The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Telegraph have successfully used this tactic to enhance retention and monetize engagement.

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2. The news will not find you on TikTok

Despite its youth-centric appeal, TikTok is a challenging terrain for news dissemination. A recent study revealed a minuscule presence of news amidst the sea of TikTok content, raising concerns about the platform’s tendencies to sideline news, leaving news organizations grappling with the stark contrast between user news consumption and TikTok’s entertainment-focused algorithm​.

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3. Report: Practical AI for Local Media

Media Voices sheds light on how AI is aiding local media outlets in daily journalism, highlighting use cases where AI processes massive structured datasets to generate local news reports, sports updates, and property listing insights. The report emphasizes AI’s role in shouldering the ‘busy work’, enabling journalists to focus more on value-added analysis and commentary​.

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4. Bundling up: the secret to subscriber success

As ‘subscription fatigue’ looms, news organizations like the New York Times are finding a sweet spot in subscription bundling. By offering a medley of content at appealing price points, bundles cater to the consumer’s craving for convenience, variety, and value, thus cultivating a fertile ground for subscriber growth and retention​.

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5. Three key principles shaping the BBC’s approach to AI

Setting their fundamental principles when using generative AI, the BBC tries to use it as a tool to enhance its public mission, improve workflow efficiency, and explore new creative horizons. However, challenges like ethical issues, legal hurdles, misinformation, and bias are acknowledged, with a responsible approach emphasized to mitigate risks while fostering innovation and public value.

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