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We help publishers to engage more readers and
to monetize premium content on mobile devices.


Media consumption is shifting rapidly to mobile devices. Publishers are struggling to transform their existing content into engaging mobile reading experiences for which a sufficiently large group of readers are willing to pay. Founded in 2011, Twipe is a pioneer in developing smartphone and tablet publishing solutions for newspaper and magazine publishers.

We enable publishers to engage more readers on mobile platforms

  • Twipe transforms premium content automatically into stunning publications, which are distributed on all mobile platforms seamlessly. Twipe smart templates are designed to engage readers through strong visual stories and easy reading, optimised for various screen sizes.
  • Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform offers the highest levels of speed and reliability. On a monthly basis more than 4.5 million publications are downloaded from our platform to mobile devices and more than 2 millions readers access our publications regularly.
  • Twipe offers deep insights into reader engagement and reading behavior. These insights and analytics allow publishers and editorial teams to create better publications on a continuous basis.

We help publishers to monetize their premium content on mobile devices

  • Twipe easily integrates with the publishers subscription systems. The Twipe freemium payment model has shown proven results in converting anonymous guests into paying subscribers.
  • Twipe offers in-app subscriptions and in-app purchases, integrated with the Apple iTunes App Store and Googles Play Store.
  • Twipe integrates with a variety of adservers and advertising formats, whether they originate from print publications or from programmatic ad selling solutions.

Twipe is a member of WAN IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

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