10 Insights for a Wise 2015!

13 January 2015
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A new year is the perfect time to look forward. At Twipe we ask our team members their 2015 vision and we are glad to share 10 insights that will define 2015 with you. We wish you happy reading and a wise 2015!

1. Data-driven, iterative news products

2015 will be the year of a watershed between two paradigms of producing digital news: a static, “journalist knows what is best for the reader” way of defining news and newspapers, inherited from the print technology; and a data-driven, fast and iterative approach to news products, that are characteristic of start-up and tech companies’ methods.

Contributed by Matthieu Dubois – Project Manager

2. The iWatch as your personal and virtual news assistant

If tablet news consumption compares to a meal, reading news on a smartphone is like having a snack. 2015 will further disrupt our news digestion with the iWatch!

Contributed by Gilles Van Mol – Senior Project Manager

3. A better, simplified user experience across all platforms

Thanks to Google’s Material Design, well designed animations will guide the user to a better and less cluttered experience in 2015.

Contributed by Yannick Meel – Senior Software Engineer

4. News alerts bringing the news – Push it to the limit!

Push notifications and widgets have become a key activator for app usage. While most of the services used are a blackbox, cutting edge technologies will allow us to reach as many people possible in the shortest time span.

Contributed by Ruud Boydens – Software Developer

5. New web technologies to boost development velocity

ECMAScript 6, Google’s Angular 2.0 and AtScript will dramatically boost front-end web development.

Contributed by Razvan Mocanu – Team Lead HTML5 Development

6. More women in key roles in the digital media industry

Men may rule the publishing sector now, but the numbers are trending toward equality. Women will continue to advance in the publishing sector, which is a tremendous positive for the industry as a whole.

Contributed by Ellen De Schepper – Business Analyst

7. Android is the clear winner on Smartphones

In 2015 consumption of newspapers  on smartphones will boom, led by a flood of new Android devices. The difference between content packages, live news streams and web content is becoming more and more diffuse. The challenge will be to create user experiences for optimal mobile consumption on the go.

Contributed by Andries Rombouts – Head of Software Engineering

8. Cloud computing is maturing

If we look at the number of new things that came out on Azure in 2014, I’m very curious about 2015. I expect a lot of new things on Azure, or old things that get ‘platformized’. This has the potential to impact us greatly as it can lead to shorter development times.

Contributed by Stéphane Tombeur – Software Architect and Team Lead 

9. Embrace Facebook

After more than 20 years, search is losing its number one position on the WWW to user tailored content, aggregated or sponsored, offered through social media.

Contributed by Ruben Gees – Key Account Manager

 10. Innovate on the platform

In 2015 we aim to get all our publishers on the same platform. This has has tremendous benefits for both the publisher and Twipe. Together fighting complexity should be our number one priority.

Contributed by Jeroen Geerts – Team Lead Service Delivery

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