Twipe is Charlie Hebdo

The French press has been deeply impacted by the brutal attack of 3 terrorists taking away the lives of the key people of Charlie Hebdo. At Twipe we are indirectly impacted as we serve some of the finest and largest French press groups. We would like to express our sincere feelings of condoleance to the people directly involved and impacted. To our customers and to the French press at large we would like to express our strong support and caring.

This type of extreme violence should not be tolerated. Our democracy needs a strong and free press. Our western countries should attack fiercely any form of extremism, whatever it takes. And we all need to stand up to stop these dangerous people before they commit another act of insane, unreasonable and incomprehensible form of violence.

Danny Lein
Founder & CEO – Twipe


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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