Bram Hamaekers and Laurens Vandevyvere – Summer 2023 interns 

3 August 2023
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Every summer, Twipe eagerly welcomes a group of interns to join our teams. Through our internship program, students gain invaluable experience in the professional realm, while also providing fresh perspectives that challenge and improve existing processes. This summer, Bram Hamaekers joined our Application API Migration squad and Laurens Vandevyvere joined our Customer Success Management squad. Read on to hear about their experiences and why they chose Twipe.

Bram Hamaekers, Master of Engineering: Computer Science at KU Leuven

Laurens Vandevyvere, Master of Business Engineering at KU Leuven

Why did you choose to do a summer internship at Twipe?

Bram: My initial introduction to Twipe was at the VTK job fair. There, I had quite a long and engaging conversation with one of the employees. This conversation sparked my initial interest in Twipe. I was introduced to the company and the initiatives they take to invest in newcomers to the job market. It was the emphasis on learning and development, combined with the vibrant work culture, that led me to choose Twipe for my summer internship.  

Laurens: I fortunately discovered Twipe through a post shared by a friend on LinkedIn. As I aspired to secure a summer internship at a technology-driven enterprise, seeking practical experience to apply the knowledge acquired at the Catholic University of Leuven and broaden my professional horizons, Twipe’s distinct profile piqued my interest. Having a look at Twipe’s website and seeing their strong positioning as industry experts, providing services to some of the largest newspapers around and fostering enduring customer relationships, to be part of such a team, looked pretty cool to me. And after talking to my friend and the CSM’s leads, I became convinced that Twipe presented the ideal alignment of values and goals. 

Which project did you work on?

Bram: My internship consisted of two main projects, both related to improving the development pipeline for the API migration squad. At first, I worked on generating living documentation automatically when a new API version is deployed. In this way, documentation is always up-to-date and does not have to be manually updated by developers.

Secondly, I worked on implementing a performance canary into the development pipeline. This performance canary can quickly notify developers that there might be a performance issue with the new API version they just deployed. It was a huge confidence booster for me when I was given the opportunity to pitch and demo my project in front of the entire company.  

Laurens: I worked on migrating 10 application titles from version 3 to version 4 for an American client. My main focus was on testing the apps delivered by developers and handling some project management tasks. Testing was crucial to assess app appearance, functionality, and quality, providing valuable insights into our products and services. 

The most captivating part of the experience was feeling responsible for the project and knowing that my work had a meaningful impact. I found it fascinating to witness the effort required to launch and maintain an app, despite facing challenges that prevented all planned versions from being released. Nonetheless, this presented an opportunity to problem-solve and collaborate with different squads. 

The internship also taught me about interdependencies and the importance of effective communication to get things done. Taking charge of client communication and having seasoned professionals seek my input was truly gratifying. 

How did you find the vibe at Twipe?

Bram: The vibe at Twipe is very positive and collaborative. Throughout the internship, there were opportunities to partake in a variety of training sessions that covered all aspects of Twipe, providing a large overview and understanding of how all the teams inside the company collaborate. On top of that, everyone at Twipe is very friendly and welcomes you with open arms, making you feel part of the company from the moment your internship starts.

Laurens: Being part of the dynamic Twipe team was an incredible experience. The emphasis on open communication and fun activities created a supportive and enjoyable work environment. The mix of young, dynamic, and international colleagues, together with international customers, truly enriched the internship experience with diverse perspectives. 

The team’s culture of open communication fostered a collaborative environment where anyone could ask anything at any time. On top of that, the team exuded a good vibe, and small gestures like celebrating birthdays with cakes really created a sense of appreciation. 

Outside of work, we enjoyed activities like playing padel and the occasional ping pong matches. We also had an astounding number of foosball games, adding a fun and competitive element to our work environment. 

What is the key thing you learnt during your internship?

Bram: I learned the importance of automation and monitoring in the software development pipeline. Working on diverse projects required me to explore a wide array of new technologies. By doing this, my technical knowledge was expanded and provided me with valuable practical experience that complements my academic education.  

Laurens: I realised within a business environment, there are a lot of interdependencies with colleagues and business units. Thus, it’s essential to consistently provide context to team members who aren’t fully immersed in your project. Additionally, proper documentation holds significant importance! 

Furthermore, maintaining an optimistic attitude is crucial even when facing difficulties. One thing that helped me was having a well-organized to-do list for all my daily tasks, especially focusing on the most important ones. 

And finally, I’ve learned a great deal about software development, as it was initially an unfamiliar territory for me. It’s important to recognize that even cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence such as ChatGPT, does not have all the answers.

Would you recommend Twipe to future interns?

Bram: Absolutely. I would highly recommend Twipe to future interns. Twipe invests significant time in its interns by providing an excellent learning environment while working in a professional setting. Without a doubt, I encourage other students to consider doing their internship at Twipe, as it offers a perfect blend of skill development and enjoyable experiences. 

Laurens: I highly recommend Twipe to future interns! My experience was incredibly positive and beneficial for anyone interested in technology, regardless of their background. 

‘Sparkling Friday’ at Twipe is an employee-driven initiative and the company’s dedication to learning and entrepreneurship, such as AI sessions. Twipe offers various events like OKR meetings, CEO lunches, and workshops, to connect with professionals and understand the company’s vision, along with meaningful responsibilities like client communication and project management. 

There is a balance between guidance and independence, encouraging ownership and proactivity. Twipe also exposes interns to cutting-edge technologies in a fast-paced environment. Beyond work, the team is characterised by its fun, friendly, and supportive culture.

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