Jacob Schillemans – Summer 2023 intern

Every summer, Twipe warmly welcomes a cohort of interns to join our teams. Our internship initiative provides students the opportunity to gain professional experience, while simultaneously contributing fresh perspectives to our existing workflows. In addition to all the many interns this summer, we are pleased to have Jacob Schillemans join our Experimental Generative AI squad.[…]

Pieter-Jan Poppeliers – Summer 2023 intern

Each summer, Twipe warmly embraces a group of interns to join our teams. Our internship program offers students a chance to acquire invaluable professional experience, while also getting fresh perspectives that both challenge and enhance our current processes. This summer, we also have Pieter-Jan Poppeliers joined our Customer Delivery squad in the Frontend chapter. Read[…]

Bram Hamaekers and Laurens Vandevyvere – Summer 2023 interns 

Every summer, Twipe eagerly welcomes a group of interns to join our teams. Through our internship program, students gain invaluable experience in the professional realm, while also providing fresh perspectives that challenge and improve existing processes. This summer, Bram Hamaekers joined our Application API Migration squad and Laurens Vandevyvere joined our Customer Success Management squad.[…]

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