Jacob Schillemans – Summer 2023 intern

28 August 2023
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Every summer, Twipe warmly welcomes a cohort of interns to join our teams. Our internship initiative provides students the opportunity to gain professional experience, while simultaneously contributing fresh perspectives to our existing workflows.

In addition to all the many interns this summer, we are pleased to have Jacob Schillemans join our Experimental Generative AI squad. Continue reading to discover his journey at Twipe.

Why did you choose to do your summer internship at Twipe?

I chose Twipe for my summer internship for a variety of reasons. Knowing Danny the CEO quite well, and hearing good stories about the organisation created an initial attraction. Beyond that personal connection, I had heard many good stories from friends who had interned at Twipe.

The decisive factor was Twipe’s standing as a fast-growing IT company that emphasises innovation. The prospect of being part of such a dynamic, forward-thinking environment, where I could engage with cutting-edge technology and contribute to meaningful projects, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Which projects did you work on and what stood out?

My work at Twipe allowed me to delve into the fascinating world of Generative AI. The projects I undertook were centered around creating proof of concepts for automatically generating news quizzes, article summaries/versions, as well as developing a chatbot for Twipe.

These experiences were both intellectually stimulating and creatively fulfilling.

Additionally, I had the unique opportunity to help the business team to create a business case out of the proof of concept. This integration of technical innovation with real-world business strategy was what truly made my time at Twipe stand out. Being able to present my work to important stakeholders, like someone from the Daily Mail, underscored the impact and relevance of what I was doing.

How did you find the vibe being part of the dynamic Twipe team?

The vibe at Twipe was vibrant, engaging, and dynamic. The young-minded team created an atmosphere of camaraderie and ambition. Not only were we working hard to push the company forward, but we were also enjoying our time together, whether going padelling or sharing snacks that someone brought back from vacation. This sense of community was tangible and fostered a startup vibe that was both inspiring and motivating.

Because of this positive vibe, many Twipees choose to work at the office instead of remotely, further adding to the sense of community and shared purpose.

The international presence within the team enriched the experience, introducing diverse perspectives and creating a lively and culturally interesting environment.

The combination of all these factors made being part of the Twipe team a very positive and fascinating experience, reflecting the unique culture and spirit of the company.

What is the key thing you learnt during your internship?

My internship at Twipe was an enlightening experience that offered a multifaceted learning journey. I gained valuable technical skills, particularly in the intriguing field of Generative AI but also about Amazon Web Services and front-end development. Working on projects that spanned from proof of concepts to business strategy integration allowed me to explore cutting-edge technologies and develop a unique blend of hard and soft skills.

I also honed my presentation skills by practicing before customers and fellow Twipees. The emphasis that Twipe places on team spirit and taking ownership truly resonated with me, pushing me to be proactive and responsible in my approach to work. These hands-on experiences, complemented by the supportive environment at the company, created a well-rounded and satisfying learning journey that extended beyond simple technical skill development.

Would you recommend Twipe to future interns?

Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Twipe to future interns. The six-week period flew by, filled with challenges, learning, and enjoyment. The support system, such as having a buddy who constantly checked in on me (Thank you Riccardo!), ensured that I could always progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Twipe’s internship program is designed to provide more than just work experience. Along with engaging projects, interns enjoy perks like CEO lunches, brainstorming sessions during sparkling Fridays, and valuable contract information sessions tailored for young graduates. These unique opportunities extend beyond typical assignments, fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth. It’s an environment that nurtures development, encourages learning, and helps forge meaningful connections, making Twipe’s internship a rich experience filled with growth and enjoyment.

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