Artificial Bubbles

Two phenomena have dominated the tech news the past months: bitcoin and AI. Both technologies are overhyped at this moment, but their impact on our lives will become pervasive. New opportunities will arise for media tech companies. The bitcoin frenzy of the past couple of months has created a bubble, which is similar to the[…]

Trends in Digital Publishing Winter Edition

Out now, the latest edition of Trends in Digital Publishing has all the top stories, plus best practices from industry leaders and the newest developments at Twipe, including: Twipe CEO Danny Lein on the ‘artificial bubble‘ Digital transformation expert Steffen Damborg on artificial intelligence and reader engagement State of Digital Publishing founder Vahe Arabian on[…]

Trends in Digital Publishing 2 is out

Think Different The second edition of the Trends in Digital Publishing Magazine covers the topic of start-ups in the media industry. Undoubtedly, we are currently living in a period of unprecedented change and disruption. We see many successful start-ups that trigger the disruption and benefit from the new opportunities. From Zero to One But why are so[…]

Real time analytics key for successful product innovation

Nicolas Beauchesne an Ex Google Executive, is co-founder of Fifty-Five, an international company that brings advertisers and consumers closer together by collecting, exploring and activating data. Fifty-Five does big data analysis for Ouest-France, the largest regional publisher in France. Discover his insights about big data and analytics for the publishing industry.

Digital-only publications are the new holy grail. True or false?

New devices like tablets and smartphones allowed new players in the publishing industry to come up with new concepts. The earliest digital micro publications were launched back in 2012. It did not take long for traditional publishers to start working on their own new formats. Freek Staps, Editor-in-Chief @ NRC Q and Karel Verhoeven, Editor-in-Chief @ De[…]

Why newspaper companies should reinvent themselves as start-ups.

These are challenging times for CEOs of newspaper businesses worldwide. Their traditional print business is under increasing pressure of declining advertising revenues and a shrinking reader base. At the same time they need to grow and build up their digital business fighting for readers attention with large international giants. Should they apply the same practices[…]

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