Der Spiegel to launch a digital-only Daily Edition later this year

With Daily, Der Spiegel publishing company will close a gap between the weekly magazine and the constantly updated Spiegel online website.

With the new Daily, Der Spiegel targets the “Daily Briefers”, a term used already in Reuters’ Digital Report 2016.



The “Daily Briefer” wants to inform himself daily, but the regular visit of a website is too cumbersome or time consuming. “Der Spiegel Daily should appeal to people who want to learn a lot in a short time, and do not have the time to visit the day Spiegel Online several times a day”, explained last year the now retired SpiegelOnline Chef Florian Harms in an interview . “We also want to attack daily newspapers.”

Similar offers are offered by leading media today: the FAZ News App The day, under leadership of the former Spiegel Online and Spiegel editor Mathias Müller von Blumencron or the smartphone app Handelsblatt 10.  How Der Spiegel Daily will compare to these competitors can only be assessed once the product is launched. In any case, it seems clear that the target group is largely identical.

Der Spiegel daily will be created by a ten-headed editorial team, under the leadership of Timo Lokoschat and Oliver Trenkamp. As news alone is hardly enough, Der Spiegel Daily wants to offer more than just news. In addition to curated content, additional elements such as service, videos and the opinions written by Spiegel and SpOn editors exclusively for the app should create an all-round package. The editors should emphasize what is supposedly lost in a fast news world, or lost in the flood of information: classification, orientation and weighting. But will that be enough to insist on the market in the long term?

Source: Meedia

Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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