ePaper subscriptions in Germany grow by 24%

19 May 2021
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**This article was originally published in German by on 28th April**

Digital newspapers continue to grow in popularity. Not only is the circulation growing, but e-paper subscriptions are also growing at an above-average rate of 24.3 percent.

The e-paper circulation of German newspapers increased by 18.34 percent in the 2nd quarter of 2021 compared to the same quarter of the previous year. The total sold circulation of the digital editions is now 2,144,236 copies per publication day.

Regular purchases are growing particularly strongly: subscriptions are up 24.3 percent. More than 1.2 million digital newspaper copies are thus obtained by subscription. For more and more people, reading the digital newspaper is part of everyday life.

Source: ZMG

The daily newspapers have a total of 1.64 million e-paper sales (+17.14 percent). Local and regional subscription newspapers accounted for 1.28 million of these (+18.54 percent), 273,941 copies for national titles (+13.09 percent) and 83,139 for paid newspapers (+10.11 percent). Sunday newspapers (258,419 copies per day of publication) and weekly newspapers (248,728 copies) were also able to increase significantly with an increase of 8.93 percent and 40.39 percent respectively.

Source: ZMG

This is shown by the ZMG circulation statistics based on the current IVW survey for the first quarter of 2021 (194 reporting titles / issues).

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