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Le Monde has been a partner of Twipe since 2017 and they have relied on our technology for the daily distribution of their ePaper to readers in France. We interviewed Assistant Audience Manager, Julie Lelièvre about audience engagement and overall social media strategy.

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Evolving from platform-specific to format-specific content creation at Le Monde

Le Monde maintains a presence on various platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and podcast platforms like Spotify. The focus shifts between these platforms, however recently more attention has been on Instagram and TikTok due to rapid audience growth. 

Initially, Le Monde’s content was tailored specifically for each platform, especially video content. This approach has evolved over time and now their content is created in various formats, such as horizontal or vertical, short or long, without platform-specific considerations. Decisions on where to publish is based on the content’s characteristics. For instance, a vertical video under one minute may be suitable for all platforms, while a three-minute vertical video might be posted on TikTok and Facebook but not on YouTube Shorts due to compatibility constraints.  

Currently Le Monde is shifting towards a unified approach because they’ve noticed that platforms often prefer similar content. While some videos remain platform-exclusive, most content is now shared across platforms. This approach not only enables more content production but also capitalises on the fact that engaging content tends to perform well across various platforms, driven by audience interest in the subject matter and how Le Monde presents it. 

We realise that the platforms want the same kind of content

For measuring KPIs, particularly on video content, Julie and her team primarily tracks the number of views and watch time, paying close attention to how long viewers engage with the video. Additionally on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, the team closely monitors the number of subscribers.

Podcasts and tailored offers for younger readers at core of the mobile app strategy

Le Monde‘s current mobile app strategy is to drive overall app usage without specific targeting. Particularly before launching new app updates and features, there are considerations of its appeal towards various demographics, which includes younger users. For example, improvements have been made to the app’s podcast display, and also making subscription offers tailored to younger individuals.

Converting younger audiences into paying customers

Le Monde‘s strategy involves using social media content to make younger audiences become aware of them as a reliable news source. The aim is to establish an early connection with younger readers so they may choose Le Monde when deciding to subscribe to online news. While Le Monde observed an increase in younger subscribers, they are still in a learning phase to better understand what motivates young (French) readers to subscribe. In their research, they have discovered topics that emphasise support of independent media and showcasing exclusive, trustworthy, and in-depth content by Le Monde are great at converting this particular demographic.

Le Monde employs a funnel approach to engage all readers by raising brand awareness and the diverse content they offer, which includes videos, free articles, and podcasts. Then the funnel gradually guides the readers toward subscriber-exclusive content, allowing them to preview the content before encountering the paywall. The funnel also helps to highlight Le Monde’s wide range of content that extends beyond hard news, to include topics such as behind-the-scenes at Le Monde, economics, culture, and personal stories.  

Le Monde are constantly exploring different ways to connect with readers, considering types of content, platforms, and more. They are also focused on transitioning platform users to their website or app to monetise them effectively, recognising the importance of balancing brand awareness and revenue generation. 

Using WhatsApp during Covid to drive engagement and establish trust

Le Monde sees great potential within conversational platforms, particularly for engaging with audiences. In 2020, Le Monde had a WhatsApp channel to provide COVID-related news, which received positive feedback from audiences.

Journalists used a friendly tone in their messages which included emojis, albeit the messages themselves were serious. The audiences appreciated it, especially during a stressful time. However, this was later brought to Le Monde’s attention that it’s not officially allowed by WhatsApp, thus they had to discontinue it.  

According to Julie, Meta has announced potential developments in this area and testing of WhatsApp Channels that publishers can use to broadcast news has begun in some countries, which Julie and her team are paying close attention to. They believe that conversational platforms, where it allows for direct engagement, can help to build trust between publishers and its audiences, and Le Monde is very eager to explore such opportunities. 

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