Le Parisien launches Early Access Edition



Being first in news has always been the industry’s mantra. Le Parisien, one of the largest French newspapers, has now launched their Early Access Edition. This new update allows print and digital subscribers to read tomorrow’s news already at 11:30 PM the night before on Le Parisien’s website and app.

“Early Access Editions are necessary for us to keep our digital readers satisfied. Our readers will have the fastest available news and stay informed before others,”
says Julie Costes – Director of Marketing and Paid Content.

The full newspaper edition, including the latest sport results and possible new developments in news, will be as always available the next morning. The Early Access Edition is launched together with a new format for the print edition. It is part of a EUR 10 million investment in digital growth of Le Parisien. As Francis Morel, CEO of the Les Echos – Le Parisien group, puts it in an interview with Le Monde, “In the online world, it is important to be big.”

Less than 15 minutes processing time

To handle the request for Le Parisien, the Twipe Publishing Platform has been extended to support the publishing of multiple editions throughout the day.

“To make sure that the newspaper is available at 23:30, we have decreased significantly the total processing time. After delivery of the publication to our servers, it is available for downloading in all regions in less than 15 minutes,”
says Danny Lein – Founder and CEO.


Discover the updated apps of Le Parisien in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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