Major update for ‘De Standaard HD’ apps!

Today we released a major update for the ‘De Standaard HD’ app. De Standaard has NextGen apps since 2011. In the meantime the app won several awards, the technology changed from native iOS to HTML5 and new templates and new features were introduced regularly.

New Layout

De Standaard HD has a completely new layout. Adapted to iOS7 and in-line with the latest trends. Everything feels feather-light and crisp. A lot of white is used to relax the eyes while reading. Download the app, and get inspired.

New Bottom Navigation

Already available on our platform as from ‘Het Nieuwsblad’, De Standaard HD comes with an intuitive bottom navigation. Large thumbs in a horizontal scrollable pane, allow you to scan the headlines and jump to the pages you would like to read.

New Template Engine

If we have a deeper look, and open up the hood of our Template Engine a lot has changed. The code has been refactored and optimized. The horizontal swipe is faster than ever narrowing the difference between native apps and HTML5 apps even more.

Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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