Our Top 10 Stories From 2023 

As we wrap up another exciting year at Twipe, we want to share our top 10 articles of 2023. Let’s take a closer look at the topics and insights that captivated our audience this year.

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10 Ways Journalists Use AI Tools in the Newsroom 

Explore what AI tools journalists use in this informative piece. It outlines ten practical applications of AI in newsrooms, from using it to reduce the time spent moderating comment sections to generating new articles from scratch.  

Strategies News Publishers Use on WhatsApp Channels for Audience Engagement 

Did you know that 16% of news consumers use WhatsApp as a news source? This article sheds light on how news publishers creatively use WhatsApp to reach their audience. The piece is filled with practical examples and tips for publishers looking to connect more effectively with their readers in the digital space. 

A Masterclass in Newspaper Subscription Strategy: 5 Lessons from the INMA Media Subscription Summit 

Missed the INMA Media Subscription Summit? We’ve got you covered. This article distils five key lessons on subscription strategies and models. Discover how publishers are de-anonymising readers and simplifying their pricing strategies.  

10 charts from the Reuters Digital News Report 2023 

Gain a deeper understanding of the current state of digital news through the lens of the Reuters Digital News Report 2023. This article analyses emerging trends, consumption patterns, and the challenges publishers face today. Stay tuned in early 2024 for our 2024 highlights from the report!  

The 6 Readers’ Cravings: User Needs Model & Publishers’ Recipes for Engaging Digital News Products 

Dive into the psychology of news consumption. This post introduces Twipe’s ‘User Needs Model’, detailing six core reader cravings that digital news products must satisfy. Having been adapted by newsrooms worldwide to create more engaging content, this piece contains proven strategies for publishers aiming to craft more engaging and relevant news experiences. 

6 Alternative Revenue Streams for News Publishers 

This article presents six innovative alternative revenue streams for news publishers in an era where traditional revenue models are challenged. From hosted events to branded content, it provides actionable insights and real-world examples of how news organisations can diversify their income sources. 

The Wild West of Generative AI Experiments 

This article takes you through the latest developments in generative AI and its applications in news media. It discusses the groundbreaking and sometimes controversial experiments being conducted, offering a glimpse into how AI might shape the future of content creation and distribution in the news industry. 

Gamification and Puzzles: Only Getting More Interesting for News Publishers 

Explore the growing trend of gamification in news publishing with this engaging article. It examines how puzzles, quizzes, and interactive games are being used to enhance reader engagement and loyalty. The piece highlights successful examples and explains why gamification is becoming an increasingly important tool in the digital news ecosystem. 

Semafor: One Year On – An Emerging Player in Digital News 

This piece offers an in-depth look at Semafor a year after its launch. It analyses the strategies and approaches that have made Semafor a notable emerging player in the digital news space, discussing its content, distribution strategies, and challenges in a competitive market. 

8 Facts About the Future of News from Ezra Eeman’s Wayfinder Report

Lastly, delve into the future of news with Ezra Eeman’s Wayfinder Report. This article distils eight critical facts and predictions about the evolving landscape of news media, offering valuable insights for anyone interested in the direction in which journalism and digital news are headed. How many of these have come true in the past few months?

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