6 learnings from the FT Strategies Summit

Last week, FT Strategies and Google News Initiative (GNI) invited over 150 news media executives to London on an exclusive summit discussing News In The Digital Age. Our team was there as well. Thank you, FT Strategies for the invite. From the rich agenda involving more than 30 speakers over 12 panel discussion, 6 key[…]

Focusing on digital ads and subscription growth to make up for rising print costs

At a time of soaring costs across the world, industries are feeling the pinch. News publishers remain stuck in the middle of this crisis. Print production costs are going up along with energy bills and more. Publishers are seeing success with growing digital revenues, but finding the right balance between digital ads and subscriptions in[…]

The changing face of big tech so far in 2022

The relationship between publishers and big tech is a widely debated topic. Recently, we have seen more and more initiatives being taken and some first small victories coming to fruition in the fight with big tech. We take a look at what changes and small wins we have seen over the first 5 months of 2022. Big[…]

Gute Nachrichten für Publisher im Kampf gegen die Tech Giants

Der Kauf von Twitter durch Elon Musk hat für eine Menge Aufruhr gesorgt. Mit dem 44 Milliarden Dollar Deal reiht sich Musk in die Reihe von Superreichen ein, die mit dem Kauf von besonders einflussreichen Medienmarken ihren politischen Einfluss stärken wollen. Jeff Bezos kaufte bereits 2013 die Washington Post, nachdem er das Geschäftsmodell als “upside[…]

6 more charts you need to see from the World Press Trends Report

On Thursday’s we published a selection of 6 charts not to miss from the WAN-IFRA World Press Trends Report. With the rich amount of thought-provoking content in the report, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to uncover 6 more insightful charts as a bonus. 1. Digital reader revenue is where the future money[…]

Good news for publishers, ad blocking is on the decline

Advertising revenues have been on the decline for newspapers for a long time now. With the switch from print to digital, publishers saw their advertising dollars replaced by digital dimes. Today, nearly 70% of all digital advertising revenue goes to just Google, Facebook, and Amazon. That’s not even including the wrench coronavirus has thrown into[…]

What publishers can learn from adblockers

Almost half of all internet users are currently using ad blockers, and Google itself has launched a native adblocker in its web browser Chrome. Digiday predicts the cost to publishers could exceed $35 billion by 2020. What can publishers learn from this large population of readers that block ads? Need for quality product experiences Most[…]

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