2021 is the year of subscriptions, and other learnings from Reuters’ latest report

In an annual survey of news leaders, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism predicts the trends and changes the media industry will see in the new year. This year’s report is once again full of valuable insights and is definitely well worth a read (full report here). Join us today as we explore[…]

Nieman Lab’s predictions for 2021: our top picks

We wish everyone in our Future of News community a happy and healthy new year! With 2020 firmly in our rear view mirrors and a strong belief that 2021 holds a lot of potential for news innovation, we are looking forward to a year full of invigorating discussions and exclusive events for our community. So[…]

Why texting should be part of your mobile strategy

Publishers today know the importance of meeting their readers where they are, which is increasingly on mobile devices. However beyond optimised websites and native apps, there had been little innovation in the past decade. That’s changed recently, as publishers have experimented with distributing their content on WhatsApp and directly texted readers. To better understand the[…]

3 publishers that saw business impact with Digital News Innovation projects

With the recent release of the Google News Initiative Impact Report, including results from the DNI fund in Europe, we are exploring this week, 3 news innovation projects where publishers already reported positive business impact. We hope that seeing how other publishers have successfully innovated can serve as inspiration for your 2021 planning. If interested[…]

What newspapers can learn from Amazon

With news this week that Jeff Bezos is allegedly in talks to buy CNN, after buying The Washington Post in 2013, it seems the Amazon founder is expanding his media empire. What lessons does the Amazon story have for newspapers, as they adapt to digital disruptors as well? Today we’re digging into what Jeff Bezos[…]

All eyes on Belgium: small country, big media innovations

This week we celebrated Belgium’s national day. As a Belgian company, we are proud of our long history of innovation in the news industry. In 1605, the very first newspaper was printed in Antwerp, which is not too far from our office in Leuven. This spirit of news innovation has carried over into the digital[…]

3 lessons from the latest news media innovation winners

While there may be different unique contexts or local landscapes, the global news media industry faces many of the same challenges and opportunities. That is why it is so important for publishers to learn from one another, something we encourage in our community of international media executives. We are joined in that mission by INMA,[…]

How legacy news organisations can innovate through partnerships

While a survey from McKinsey found that 96% of executives view innovation as a strategic priority, only 6% are satisfied with their innovation performance. For a variety of reasons, legacy organisations have often been slow to react to changing situations and lacking a true innovation spirit. On the other hand, there’s been startup after startup[…]

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