Newsletters and the quest to fit into reader’s lives

Thanks to their ability to create a direct relationship with readers, newsletters have continued their rebirth. At a time where publishers are working to build more first party data, these relationships built by newsletters are becoming even more important. Niche newsletters becoming strong brands Niche newsletters have taken off for news publishers. They enable them[…]

Personalisierung: Stellen Sie Ihre Leser in den Mittelpunkt

Personalisierung ist 2022 einer der wichtigsten Schlüssel, um die Leseerfahrung für Abonnenten zu verbessern, Paid Content zu fördern und Kündigungen zu vermeiden. Mithilfe von Algorithmen und künstlicher Intelligenz soll der Leser mehr als nur eine Person hinter dem Bildschirm werden. Wir erklären wie Personalisierung Vorteile für Verleger und Leser bieten kann, was es zu beachten[…]

NRC and Daily Mail share results from personalising emails with JAMES

By now, most publishers are convinced about the benefits of using email to engage readers. This is good news for the return of the email, which celebrated its 50 year anniversary last week. Newspapers across the world are running multiple email newsletters daily, with 60% of publishers running more than 10 daily newsletters. This is[…]

How news publishers view personalisation in the age of reader disloyalty

As we are investing more and more into news personalisation technology at Twipe, this week we welcomed publishers from 22 countries to a webinar on personalisation and JAMES, Your Digital Butler. Since Reuters first shared at the beginning of the year that the majority of media executives planned to focus on personalisation this year, the[…]

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