February 24, 2021

All 24 of Advance Local’s digital newspaper titles now live on the Twipe Platform

Advance Local is the publisher behind leading news and information companies in more than 20 US cities with a monthly reach of over 50 million people. We are excited to welcome them to the Twipe family as our first partner in the US. Through the partnership with Twipe, all of Advance Local’s digital editions for their 24 newspapers will be distributed through the Twipe Platform.

We are proud to announce that as of February 2022, all of Advance Local’s digital titles are now live on the Twipe platforms.

For the 24 titles Advance Local uses Twipe Replica, Twipe NextGen as well as EngageReaders Solutions. Experiments with Personalised Newsletters via JAMES are also in progress.

Bridging readers from print to digital with Replica and NextGen Editions

In March 2021, Twipe and Advance Local publicly released new apps on iOS, Android and web. These first apps were for 3 of their leading papers: Post Standard, The Oregonian and The Patriot News. These apps make use of both Twipe’s classic Replica ePaper technology and the digital-first NextGen edition technology.

Providing readers with a hybrid product that combines Replica and NextGen reading is part of Advance Local’s digital strategy. Working alongside Twipe, Advance wants to bridge the journey from print-first to digital-first for both their existing and new readers.

We are proud to announce that as of February 2022, all of Advance Local’s titles are now live on the Twipe platforms.

All 24 of their titles are now live on the Twipe platform using Twipe Replica, Twipe NextGen as well as EngageReaders Solutions. Experiments with Personalised Newsletters via JAMES are also in progress.

Giving readers more of what they love

The teams at Advance Local use Twipe’s EngageReaders ePaper analytics tool for a set of their titles. EngageReaders help various teams at Advance Local to gain deeper insights on edition readers and their habits.

First data from EngageReaders shows that Advance Local readers spend on average 22 minutes reading their daily edition. 15-20% are long readers spending up to 48 min with their favourite newspaper brand. After the first weeks, we have also seen a promising 10-15% organic adoption of our NextGen format among readers.

Like many of Twipe’s partners, they will be leveraging EngageReaders insights. EngageReaders will help Advance to take daily decisions regarding edition composition, product development or ways to market the product. 

Puzzles are important for the readers at Advance. In their new edition experience, readers of Advance Local can interact with puzzles in various ways via Web, NextGen templates or by printing their puzzles and playing them as if they bought the print paper.

Smooth and agile delivery through close collaboration

For Advance Local, the transition to Twipe has been seamless. This has largely been thanks to the strong collaboration between the teams.

With 2 weekly stand-ups, collaborative testing and deep-dive sessions, the teams have set up from the beginning for success. Close communication at all times has helped both sides to stay on top of any arising issues, gather quick feedback and deliver the products with the highest levels of quality.

The dedication of the teams on both sides of the ocean has been pivotal in achieving this milestone in Twipe’s history

Tom Jooken, Head of Customer Success at Twipe

For Twipe this journey has already brought new learnings. One learning in particular is with regard to the CCPA regulations in the USA. Making sure our platform is compliant with specific regulations of the US market has been a key goal for the delivery team. Understanding the key differences between the features required in the US and European markets is a second key learning. Our Future of News newsletter will explore these topics further. Sign-up here to be kept up to date.

Leading publishers across Europe such as Le Monde, Ouest-France, The Telegraph, and DuMont have trusted Twipe’s technological reliability and innovation capabilities for years. The partnership with Advance Local lays the foundation for Twipe’s expansion into the United States and for further international growth.  

Working with the team at Advance Local has provided the perfect partner for our US expansion at Twipe. We are proud to be bringing our innovative technology to the US and look forward to continuing to innovate with Advance Local.

Danny Lein, CEO and Founder of Twipe

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    Where can I read the Advance titles?

    You can find a link to download a selection Advance’s 24 local titles below.

    The Post Standard: iOSAndroid
    The Huntsville Lede: iOSAndroid
    The Oregonian: iOSAndroid
    Grand Rapids Press: iOSAndroid
    The Mobile Lede: iOSAndroid
    Staten Island Advance: iOSAndroid
    The Star-Ledger: iOSAndroid
    The Birmingham Lede: iOSAndroid

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