The Digital Growth Summit is an exclusive, invite-only event that gathers top media innovators from across the globe to shape the future of the news industry.

Twipe Digital Growth Summit 2022

This year’s event will be held in-person in London on 19th October 2022.

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Previous Digital Growth Summits

2021 – The Next 10 years in News

At this special hybrid event we explored the next 10 years in news with a focus on: 

  1. Readers – What preferences will readers have? What habits do people develop?
  2. Technology – Which technologies will be around?
  3. News Product – Which news product will best fit in with people’s lives?
  4. People & Leadership – What kind of news organisations will thrive? 
  5. Reimagining the future of news, today – Cases, testimonials, practices of initiatives shaping today the news of tomorrow

2019 – Habit Forming News Products

For the third edition of our Digital Growth Summit, more than 150 news media innovators leaders gathered in Berlin to discuss habit forming news products. Joined by industry peers and academia, we learned what works (and what doesn’t) for creating news products that become part of your readers’ daily routines. We wrapped up the day with a keynote and “Ask Me Anything” from bestselling author Nir Eyal.

2018 – Artificial Intelligence

Twipe and Ouest-France were proud to host the Digital Growth Summit in Rennes, France, which brought together publishers from 12 different countries to collaborate and learn from each other with artificial intelligence in mind.

While it was a busy day, full of insights and learnings for news media, we’ve distilled the key points into 10 important takeaways.

2016: Collaboration

The first edition of the ‘Digital Growth Conference’. The keynote from Alan Hunter (Head of Digital at The Times) and the CEO Panel Session with Gert Ysebaert (CEO Mediahuis) and Sophie Gourmelen (CEO Le Parisien) were the highlights of this rich information exchange. Afterwards, our customers visited the brewery of Stella Artois.

Great line up. The international perspective was highly interesting and inspiring. Positively surprised about great diversity on the podium.

DGS Participant

DGS is designed to stimulate an open conversation on digital disruption and to share the most successful practices adopted by media corporations and industry leaders to win the market. In a single event you will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in media, to participate in different deep dive sessions over specific topics and to gather precious insights for your organisation’s digital strategy.

Really great! Very interesting speakers and great panels. I enjoyed the sessions a lot where we worked with people from the newspapers on different problems. Many different inputs that made me learn more than what I expected.

DGS Participant

Insights from our Speakers

What do you think about personalisation?

Eva-Roa-NY Times

I think personalisation is a very interesting topic but we have to remember that people like and seek that editorial insight and curation. We want to steer clear from full personalisation and strike a good balance between content readers are looking for and editorial selection.

Eva Roa, Senior News Product Analytics Manager
The New York Times

What is the biggest challenge for a newspaper?

The biggest challenge for a newspaper publisher would probably be to show the value of being a subscriber. Value creation should be the number one element to mark the difference between paid subscriptions and the free experience.

Tor Marius Espedal, Head of Customer Experience

How can newspapers create a relationship with their audiences?

Newspapers have always been good in building strong relationships but they have to learn how to do it in a digital way which is challenging. The key will be to generate engagement and create habits in your audience to build that connection and increase subscription revenues.

Mathias Douchet, Director of Product
The Telegraph

A quick look into previous Digital Growth Summits

Previous Twipe Digital Growth Summit guests joined us from: