Digital Media Europe Day 2 in 3 tweets and the European Digital Media Awards

22 April 2015
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The second day of Digital Media Europe had two main themes: Video and Startups. Here are three quotes we found most interesting.

  1. Now we’re tweeting just like we used to write stories. We need to be a bit more scientific by leveraging the data – Jeff Moriarty – Johnston Press
  2. The only way to defend yourself against disruption is talent, and you have to give those people room to innovate – Justin Hendrix – NYC Labs
  3. El Diario doesn’t have subscribers, it has members, supporters, friends – Juan Luis Sánchez –

As a bonus we offer you today the European Digital Media Awards winners!
  1. Best Data Visualisation Project – The Norwegian Homocide Project by The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.
  2. Best Digital Advertisement Campaign – Bildung Braucht Innovation (Education Needs Innovation) by Telekurier Online Medien
  3. Best in Tablet Publishing – Aftenposten+ by Aftenposten and EPOS by Axel Springer SE
  4. Best Mobile Service – KOMPAKT – WeltN24
  5. Best New Product – – VG
  6. Best News Website – – The Guardian

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