Three quotes that define Digital Media Europe Day 1 (and some giggles)

Digital Media Europe kicked of yesterday with some highly interesting sessions. Here are three quotes we found the most interesting.

  1. Don’t expect your employees to be disruptive within your own company. Don’t try to merge cultures, but invest in disruptive companies – Christophe Keese – Axel Springer
  2. How to target Millennials? Go Narrow To Go Wide. Millennials are highly individual and want to have individual content – Greg Dybec – Elite Daily
  3. Small data is beautiful too. It’s all about what you do with it – Tom Betts – Financial Times

As a bonus we were highly amused by the following three quotes and tweets:
  1. Greg Dybec was nicknamed ‘grandpa’ when he began working at Elite Daily. He was 24, the CEO 23.
  2. George Nimeh tweeted: Putting a newspaper replica on an iPad is the equivalent of putting a blanket on a TV and calling it a radio.
  3. Justin Hendrix tweeted: Numbers I’ve seen suggested millennials are spending buckets of money on content. Just not news content…

Enjoy your second day at Digital Media Europe or join our conversation on #DME15


Danny Lein
Twipe Founder & CEO

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